Storyline In The Emergency Room

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  1. Previously in the blood feud of Unknown and Dazzle (Dazzle = The Rock, Unknown = Mankind) .........


    *The Ambulance pulls up to the hospital, a stretcher comes out the back, Unknown is there bleeding heavily, he is taken to a ward, he fighting off medical support, another stretcher is carted in, the curtain is between them, "THE DAZZLE SAYS GET OFF ME!"


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  2. *B.Dazzle slowly gets out his stretcher. He pulls the curtain aside and tackles Unknown off of his stretch. Both men continue to exchange fists. They both get up in absolute pain and go after each other. Unknown charges at B.Dazzle and rams him in to the wall. Unknown lays waste into B.Dazzle's gut, but B.Dazzle pushes him aside. B.Dazzle grabs a box of tissue and knocks it upside Unknown's head.*
  3. *Unknown stumbles, Unknown grabs a bed pan and hits Dazzle in the head*

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