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  1. *The camera pans back in forth in the pitch dark. Water can be heard dripping slowly in the background. All of sudden a bloody and burnt Christian teddy bear is shoved in front of the camera out of nowhere*


    *The bear is moved and Trip's face can now be seen in front of the camera, but everything else is still black. Trip puts his hands on the camera.*

    TRIP: Come HERE!

    *The camera drops to the ground and the camera man screams. His feet are seen being dragged by the camera that is now lying on the floor on its side. Nothing can be seen on the camera feed except darkness.*

    Cameraman: Help! Help me pl-*A loud thud is heard and the camera man falls silent*
    TRIP: No one can hear you ya know, so SHUT UP! Ahem, you're disturbing the customers anyway. It looks like your number is next though, so why don't you come with me. Teddy is getting huuuun-gry. And he gets grumpy when he's hungry, don't you big guy? *Trip points his index finger at the bears stomach*

    *Trip suddenly runs back to the camera which is still on and he leans down in front of the lens and holds the bear up close to his face*

    TRIP: I'M COMING FOR YOU. HAHAHAHA.........HAHA.........

    *Trip slides the camera hard across the floor/ground and it eventually smashes. The last thing that is heard before the feed turns to static is Trip laughing maniacally*

    OOC: I keep adding to this bear storyline, I hope it gets to pan out.
  2. *Meanwhile at a Tavern, Dexx watching*
    Bar Tender: *Cleaning Mug* So.... yyyyyou work with that guy?
    Dexx:......................... ... ... ... ... ....nnnnnnnnnnnnnope *Takes drink*
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