Storyline In The Midst Of The Tag Title Match...

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  1. *After a breathtaking sequence between the two teams, the Rock 'N' Roll Desperadoes and the Second Gen all lie inert in the center of the ring. As the ref's count nears 10, the two legal men in Midas and Joey both get up, and stare at eachother, before charging and exchanging left and rights. After some time, Midas ducks one of Joey's fierce punches, and locks in the Cobra Clutch, looking to hit the ProfitBreaker (Cobra Clutch Backbreaker). He makes sure it's locked in well enough, but out of nowhere, ALIAS ANTONIO ENTERS THE RING AND SLAMS MIDAS DOWN WITH A STEEL CHAIR TO THE BACK. The ref rings the bell! Crowd can not believe it!

    Alias continues his assault, ignoring the pleads of the ref, also hitting Andrew, with Joey and Kaizer looking on shockingly in the corner. Alias picks up Andrew, spits on his face, and smashes it with the steel chair. He then picks up Midas, and commands Kaizer and Joey to hit their tag finisher on him. Still in shock, they approach the weak body of Midas but seem wary in doing so.

    Before they can hit their finisher though, Alias creeps up behind them, steel chair in hand, and HITS JOEY AND KAIZER WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!. ALIAS HAS BETRAYED HIS BROTHERS! The crowd instantly blow up in boos, while some smarks cheer.

    Alias looks down at them, and starts hitting them even more with the chair, to the point where all the backstage crew have to run down to the ring and escort a deranged Alias out. As they approach the ramp, Alias starts silently whispering to himself, " the true world champion", which escalates to a scream, "I AM THE TRUE WORLD CHAMPION DAMMIT".

    The scene closes with Alias being forced backstage, while all men lie lifeless in the ring, being checked by doctors, everyone in the crowd still in clear astonishment.*
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