Storyline In The Royal Rumble

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  1. OOC: Use this to haev eliminations and more that further feuds.

    *3...2...1... ERRRR, Unknown's theme plays at number 21 and he sprints down to the ring, he starts brawling with Nano instantly and throws him over the top,...... a little while later 3....2....1... ERRRRRR number 25 and here comes Anonymous (@Danielson ) Unknown stops trying to eliminate Gohan and stands in awe, Anon climbs into the ring and both men stand head to head*

    OOC: Your turn.​
  2. Is this an example or how you want it played out?
  3. Adam, you can't do this. We're writing it. If you want to give us an idea then Pm me.
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  4. Yeah, what he said. We're writing something up for this, it should be posted tomorrow.

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