Music Incubus signs new deal, return imminent.

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  1. The group 'Incubus' is set to return to the studio to record more music after a deal with Island Records was made.. With this return to the studio after being on a hiatus from live shows to work on recordings will most likely come a return to the live circuit for at least one more tour if not a few more.. Incubus' last deal with Epic ended in 2012 so they have just been using the home studio for their more recent work.

    With the announcement of their new deal came the announcement that they are planning to release two new EPs for this upcoming year aka 2015.

    Personally I'm pretty excited, I'm an Incubus fan; granted I didn't care much for most of the music they made during their end run with Epic.. hopefully the new music isn't shitty and they kind of revert back to their older style.

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  2. If it's more of the most recent crap then LAME. If they go back to their roots like on the EP and first album I'll be listening to it. I LOVED those first couple of albums. Then he cut his dreads off and it all went downhill IMO.
  3. Someone get them some good drugs then.
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  5. One of my favs from the early days. So much better than their modern crap.

  6. Known as Opprobrium now aren't they?
  7. Yeah, I think so. Apparently they're X-tians too. lel
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  8. Brazilians lol
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