Info on AJ Lee's Return

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  1. With more rumors about AJ Lee being pregnant and such she has come out and commented about it within the last couple of days.. She states "Finally nursing a neck injury from the week before SummerSlam. Not preggers, guys. Way too attached to my abs." So with her not being pregnant she has been scheduled to return from injury the night before the Royal Rumble PPV at a live event at the Izod center very close to where she lives.. Chances are she will not be participating at the Royal Rumble event itself but that may change depending on how WWE wants to go about it. The news to take out of this is that AJ Lee is not retiring at the moment for child birthing reasons and she still wants to compete.

  2. Well, alright. Can't say I'm dying to see her back nor that I care at all about her being pregnant or not, but it's good she won't be off for a long time, I guess.
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  3. The only reason people probably would care about this report is because the Diva's division sucks and AJ Lee makes it suck that much less :zayn:
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  4. Well, I think she's quite stale, but yeah, she can put on a good match, cut an alright promo. The crazy character is meh at this point but at least it's not generic, I guess. She's nice to have around.
  5. That's one thing I didn't understand, she's been off TV once before since she started the crazy character.. and they didn't "repackage" her, I really hope they give her some other type of character to work with.
  6. Yeah, this crazy deal has sure been going on for a loooong time. They really should mix it up, but given the state of the divas division I don't trust they'll do it.
  7. Well, nice to hear she's recovering. But it's not like I'll watch the divas division when she's back, anyways.