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  1. [Savat is twirling a mic around in his hands with a smile as he paces back and froth in a hallway backstage]

    >Savat: Corey Marcus. This is the name I am beginning to get sick of hearing. Corey Marcus wasn't even a thing. Corey Marcus was just a trademark. It was just a joke. I came out and I challenged the joke. I challenged the boy who lost his debut match. I offered the jobber Retribution.

    Retribution is a strong word. It has a whole lot of power to it because retribution revolves around failure. The world spins in a circle. We have cars that spin on circles. Corey Marcus, you career is spinning on a circle right now. At IWT Retribution tomorrow night you have the chance to prove yourself as more than a jobber. I have given you this chance to put worth to your name. Will Savat has given you the opportunity to become a star. But it wasn't enough for you was it.

    You were a joke before I came around, and you still play the joke. You don't understand what our match originally meant. I was going to show you the reigns. I was going to let you see what a real wrestler looks like. I was going to show you what you should be like. However it seems I am being played by the joke now because I can't seem to avoid this nagging little child who plays with his 'Bad omens'.

    You might think you are tough, but you are not better than me. You cannot wrestle better than me. You cannot even fight better than me. But that is not why I am out here. I reckon you wouldn't even care if I had to point out that when are match it over, I will be stood up straight covered in your blood. Don't think I offered you this match because it was going to be a fair fight. I booked this match to discipline you.

    Let's spell it out yeah? I can write it all over these walls so you get it. You say you are here. Well what does that mean Corey? I look around and I do not see you. Once again you exceed your tough persona by threatening to beat me up, without actually saying any of it to my face, so I am sorry to announce Corey Marcus that I am not petrified of you. I laugh at you. I saw potential, but now all I see is the same joke I saw that day I called you out.

    You could of been greatness. You could of been the Best in the World because as you poetically said, Diamonds aren't forever. One day all the importance of this will diminish and the memories will be forgotten. Is it all worth it now? I don't know. I suppose. But I do know one thing that will last forever if this match doesn't happen. IWT will still exist to perform like this dull show run by some weeb who watches too much indy wrestling.

    This match isn't to prove who is the best anymore. This match is me schooling little boys like you who can't fathom what being a wrestler is like. You might think you got the boots and the contract that you are like me, but we are nothing alike. You cannot even call yourself a professional wrestler when stood in the same room as me. I am excellence.

    You might get one thing. This will be my first official match in IWT. Which makes it even more blissful stepping out there, knowing that I only have to fight you.

    You can bash your little words in as many of these promos as you want, but will you be able to back it up tomorrow night? Maybe you will begin to realize that being the best isn't the vocal range of your mic skills. You will realize that I am the best in the world because I can beat you without even trying. You can say what you like, prewrite what you write. But you can never trump me. Every ball you throw I will simply knock miles away. This is a game for me, and you are the loser.

    Now don't get all hyped up and start popping your bad omens now because I called you a loser. Remember I get no gain out of beating you. I gave you this match out of pity. You are a loser Corey. You have yet to win a match. How dare you assume that you can pickup a win over me. Perhaps I was wrong about you. Perhaps you will become greater, but never any better. You will just be IWT's great big joke.

    Show me these bad omens. Show me what they can do. Because have bad omens too. These people going to the show tomorrow may not be in my corner, but that just makes my odds even better. You have them, and I have the best in the world, me.

    @C.M. Shaddix

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  2. *The camera man turns slightly at an angle behind Will, showing a figure down the hallway... It's Corey*

    "Cute promo.... KID... You wanna see em?"

    *Savat turns around*

    @Tumbas brawl? Yay or nay?

  3. whatever you need to do
  4. Savat: "No, I want to see yours"

    (Both men run up to each other and start throwing punches, Corey gets Will against a wall until Will pushes him away with his foot, Will then takes offensive and throws him into a production crate. Will then stands above Corey telling him to get up and prove who he is. Once Corey is standing on his 2 feet, Will starts throwing punches and elbows, Corey then catches one of his arms and is able to counter and hit him back. The two then move down the hallway towards a door as Will tries to get away from Corey to recoup. But Corey now has the upper hand, he grabs Will by the back of the pants and throws him through a door where a bunch of backstage crew staff are sitting at tables eating. They all get up once Will comes tumbling through. Everyone backs up as Corey puts Will on one of the tables, he grabs his neck and says "Here it is, you asked for it!". But after he says that Will fights back using his legs and kicks Corey back. Will stands up on top of the table then dives off tackling Corey. Will then gets on top of Corey, slaps the prone Marcus in the face and calls him a child for picking a fight like that and he should know who he is messing with. Security arrives and pulls Savat off Corey, Savat agrees to back away through his past experience with this type of stuff. Security tells Will that Micheal told them to separate him and Corey before this gets any worse. Corey starts getting help up from security. Him and Will look face to face between the crowd of men barring them apart, Will mouths "Loser" and walks away with some of security following him. Corey looks on, thinking about tomorrow as Retribution comes closer. This ends the segment.)

    That works, I hope that was proper use of the Savat character.​