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  1. Yet again the management of this little empire has been called into question. But this time is different, there are no petty vendettas, just brutal truths.

    And since I have the floor, I think it's only right that I speak my mind. The way I am treated in this company is a, it's a crime.
    I give everything I have to this company, I sweat and bleed IWT. Is this company deserving of such commitment? Not anymore. I give and give and I get nothing in return.

    I have competed in almost every single Uprising and PPV since my tenure began here and rightly so. But there are times during these matches that I question why I'm signed to a company that doesn't give a shit. When I train relentlessly for these events, only to have my matches treated like a piss break.

    The worst part- the part that really feels like a kick to the throat is the fact that this is a regular occurrence. There's never a resolution, only excuses. Trip, Jonathon- the time for excuses is over. You see this happening repeatedly and you do nothing to fix it. It's your job to make damn sure that it doesn't happen at the following show- or any show after. Don't stand there with your dicks in your hands and just shrug like there's nothing you can do- It's a part of your job.

    Just like simple administration, Jonathon. You remember the time that I almost didn't get my X-Division title shot because you were too busy dicking around to do work? Do you recall how my match was offered to me and then withdrawn not once, but twice. Then once I started to kick and scream, you actually paid attention and I got what I deserved. Would this ever happen to somebody that was holding gold? Would Joey have to call you out? Absolutely not. When it comes to the champs they tell you to jump and you assholes ask 'how high?' But for rest of us, you show just how little you respect us.

    Do you think that I couldn't get work elsewhere? Is this the reason you choose to treat me with such disregard? I've shown nothing but loyalty to this company and you practically spit in my face at any given chance. I won't tolerate it- and neither will my new manager. I can and will walk if things don't change.

    You need to rectify this shitstorm of a situation starting now, before it's too late. If you fail, again, you might see the IWT empire crumble right before your eyes.

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    Please don't respond, unless you are @Dat Kid

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    Dat Kid, dressed in a black hoody, hops over the barricade and walks to the ring assistant who tries to hide the mic from Kid. Kid grabs him by his hair and hits with six quick uppercuts, then takes the mic.

    I just happened to buy a ticket to this little rinky dink IWT show that you guys going on here and after watching all these so called wrestlers bore me half to death on the mic, someone is finally saying something I like to hear. Now normally fans don't jump the barricade, but I'm not an ordinary fan,

    Kid takes off his hoody.

    You might recognize me, but I'm sure Trip has done his best to make sure you and everyone else forget. I mean, hasn't even said a word about the impending knife that is going to stab IWT in the throat. The knife being F.S.W

    FSW chants break out while others boo.

    Mrs. Vargas allow me to correct you on something. "Might" isn't a word we can use to refer to seeing the crumbling of the IWT because I already see it happening. You take a look who owns the division they want to place you in. They got a Z-List movie star by the name of Jwab who's biggest accomplishment is getting his ass whupped by me at Elimination Chamber.

    Now I'm not here to offer you a contract where I lock you in a division or put you up against people you can just outright beat. I'm here to offer you a contract to a place where you can do whatever the hell you want.

    Where you don't have to wait on approval from a guy who spent the better half of his career linking his own balls because he thought he was a wolf and a fat complacent asshole who's only wrestling hold is a five finger shuffle which he uses on himself on a regular basis, with a box of dominos wings on in his other hand. If you think that's gross wait to you here what he uses after he runs out of dipping sauce.

    I'm not only here to offer you a contract to greener pastures, but I'm also here to offer you my managerial services. Everyone I've ever managed has gotten a title shot in less than or equal to one month's time. Some of them weren't strong enough to capitalize on that opportunity, but I look at you and I see someone who can actually do it.

    The only reason you're being shut down here in the IWT is because a certain drunken former associate of mine developed an unhealthy infatuation with you. So being a product of the same generation that man comes from I feel that is my duty to rectify his wrongs.

    Dat Kid holds a clipboard with an FSW contract

    All you've got to do is sign here and it'll be like signing your name into the hall of fame.
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  3. Victoria comes running out onto the stage and down the ramp with a mic in hand. She glares in the general direction at Dat Kid before she turns back to Harriet. "Harriet, you don't have to do this. I'm probably the only one in this arena, and especially in that locker room, that knows what it's like to be a female wrestler in this competitive industry. We have to work at least three times as hard to get an ounce of recognition that comes easily to any man that joins a roster. Your frustration is understandable and you should fight for what you deserve. Coming out here tonight is the first step in doing that."

    Victoria looks back at Dat Kid, pointing seriously at him and never tearing her eyes away as she continues to address Harriet. "I know it's tempting to want to side with him. Trust me, I had been in the same position just over a year ago. He's eloquent and convincing, leaving promises and statements that make you feel alive and powerful. But, the Dat Kid that stands before you now will treat you and the rest of his roster like a bunch of puppets. Once he has no need for you anymore, he'll throw you out like garbage and leave you with what little's left of your dignity and respect. Harriet, don't make the same mistakes I did. I nearly married this man and I've made some pretty poor choices since then. This path doesn't go anywhere but right into a pit of destruction. I was one of the lucky ones and I was able to pull my life back together. I ask that you seriously consider what you're doing before something happens that you regret. Because once you go through with this and move over to FSW with him, there's no turning back."
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  4. Dat Kid rolls his eyes

    Oh boo hoo, poor Victoria Parker who got betrayed by Dat Kid. Oh wait a second, that's not true is it. Everything that's come out of that mouth of yours was straight up bullshit.

    Tell me Victoria, who was it who actually stabbed who in the back because if my memory serves me correctly it was YOU who stabbed me in the back. You know, remember when you attacked me at our wedding and took my half of the tag tam championships away from me. Oh no, we'll just overlook the fact that you and 3 other guys assaulted me before I was forcefully placed in a match against you and Rodrigo for my IWT Championship.

    Let me tell you something about Parker, Ms. Vargas. She's right about how hard is it to be a female competitor in not only IWT but wrestling itself. It's so hard that she'll do everything in her power to make sure that she stays number one in that category and she sees you as a threat because unlike Sage, Hannah, and Britanica you are here day in and day out working your ass off.

    Dat Kid gets in between Parker and Vargas, looking Parker right in her eyes.

    ...and that scares you.

    Kid turns around to Vargas

    So you have a choice right now. You can come to FSW and have a future or you can stay here in IWT where the only thing they let women do here now a days is hold that sorry excuse of a championship.

    Dat Kid points to the hardcore title around Parker's waist.
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  5. 3/4 of the Crowd Chant "IWT!" whist the the rest chant "FS-Dub!"
  6. Victoria taps her ear, looking at Dat Kid quite incredulously. "I'm sorry, did you just hear what you wanted to hear? At no point did I blame you for anything. I simply pointed out the facts. My career went downhill in terms of my decision making since the moment I stabbed you in the back at our wedding. I can admit it! I wasn't a good person back then. It took a few stints in a mental institution and some time in a rehabilitation center to figure that out. The difference between now and then is I don't resort to tumultuous behavior like I used to."

    She rolls her eyes at Dat Kid, her voice full of sarcasm. "Oh yeah, I'm SO threatened by Harriet. Yep, that's exactly why I helped her out after her latest match with Nick. You're right, Dat Kid. That's why I went so far out of my way to make sure she got to a hospital and received the treatment she needed. Keeping another female competitor in the ring is EXACTLY how you eliminate talent in the IWT. It's not like getting healthy helps you to continue to compete at a high level or anything."

    Some of the fans laugh and cheer as she rolls her eyes again, leaning in seriously towards Dat Kid. "You must be downright blind or that damn ignorant. I'm clearly not the same woman I was and my motives are not the same. Just like you, time has changed me and I've chosen to take a different, more enlightened path. The path you've taken is one of narcissism, and you've even gone as far as to think you're some sort of God among men. There's a reason you've fallen hard and out of power in this company and the responsibility is on you. By all means, start your own company and see if you can manage to not destroy it like everything else in your life. But I'll be damned if I let you take this talented woman and destroy her, too."
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  7. Harriet blows out a breath in frustration. She looks to Dat Kid and then to Victoria Parker.

    "This right now, isn't about either of you. I don't care who betrayed who- neither of you are angels, let's be straight here. Victoria, we're all aware that you've made some terrible decisions, both in IWT and in general. But those choices are all on you. I didn't make those choices for you and I wouldn't make them for myself, either. And this is the point- right now this is all about me."

    "I hear what you're trying to say, but all this inspirational BS you're hitting me with is just so easy for you to say. You've been to the top, you've held gold better than that" Harriet points to the Hardcore Championship. "If it makes you feel better you can tell me to keep my chin up and keep fighting- but what exactly is the point of giving my all to a company that refuses to give anything back?"

    "Maybe it's been so long since you were in my position that you've forgotten what it's really like. To wake up every single morning and wonder how the management are going to screw you out of a title, or even a contendership match. Something that you know that you deserve, but likely won't get, simply because your face doesn't fit their ideal. Do you remember that feeling? Because right now, that is my life.”

    "I don't want that- and most of all, I don't want my passion for the only thing I know and love to get twisted up." Harriet turns to Dat Kid and holds out her hand. "The contract." Harriet takes the pen and signs on the dotted line. "I'd also like to accept your offer for management."

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  8. Dat Kid takes the contract and looks at the signature, then smiles.

    And there you have it folks. The next time you see this woman on your television screen she'll have gold around her waist because unlike the IWT I know how to actually make amazing talents like Harriet Vargas and show them that a 1-10 scale is just an idiotic conception that makes you believe that you are incapable of doing better.

    The IWT fights on 1-10. FSW fights on 100-101 and we wipe the floor with this oh so sacred company that can not be touched. When you are all on the floor looking at people like Harriet and myself, begging us to come back! I want you to think long and hard at the opportunities you had to do right by us because those are going to be the moments you'll must regret when you're all standing in the unemployment line!

    So take a good look at what death looks like ladies and gentlemen because you will never see it again! because when FSW "kills" IWT like the guys in the back are shitting their pants about, you aren't going to see it because it's going to be stab RIGHT IN THE BACK!

    Jesus has left the building!

    Dat Kid throws the mic at Victoria Parker and holds the ropes open for Harriet Vargas. They both climb over the barricade and disappear in the sea of fans,
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