Storyline Innocence.

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  1. *Corey Marcus is facing the camera, head down*

    "Innocence, one of few not thought of virtues..."

    *Raises heads*

    "What does Innocence bring? Isolation? Loss of hope? Failure? Innocence is a corrupt feature of the obsessed. Hold on to Innocence for too long and you are left slipping your whole life. Innocence was a thing I burned long ago, if I was not to fail I had to let go of what was holding me back, now here I am. Tell me. How many of you held on to your Innocence? How many of you stayed in Isolation for so long until you realized it was too late for you? Even if you were to let go of your innocence now, it would be too late for you rats. The extermination has begun...not for me anyway."


    "So please, answer me when I say this. Those in Isolation, those still clenching their Innocence I must know... how long do you think you have.... forever?"

    *Smiles, fade to black, segment is over*

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