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  1. Chris Kaizer slowly makes his way out to the stop of the stage. He has a smirk on his face as he makes his way down and into the ring. He walks around the ring a few times before getting ready to speak.

    Well, coming off a major loss to Joey Bryant, for a major title match, in a major match in my career is rough. Is very very rough. But, I'm not going to ramble on about that. Joey Bryant beat me fair and square, no doubt about it. I will not deny that. We put on one hell of a show, and he came out on top. In fact, I'll say. Congrats Joey. Even though you did lose like 5 minutes later to the bottom of the barrel for main eventers in Gav. You still looked decent out there. And I respect you for that. You've gained more respect from me in one night than any man has in their life.

    Kaizer turns and looks at the camera

    Respect. I truly have none of it for Joey. Despicable he is. Successful, yes. But he is easily fooled, easily used. Not smart enough to know when he is becoming another person's personal one way ticket to stardom. Sad, I feel no pitty for him though. He should have had learned by now.

    Kaizer returns to talking at the crowd

    Now that I have got that out of the way. I need to speak about me. And how much I have let not just my self down, but my fans. I've grown a little sick of it. I've worked too hard to get in arm's reach of the prize, only to have my hand cut off before I seize it. After a while, it becomes a chore to rebuild your self over and over again. After I lost to Midas for my title, it hurt. But I rebounded knowing that he was possibly my biggest challenge I have ever faced. I fought back, and I got my self a world title shot. Then I, failed at that as well. How could I possibly rebound after having two of my biggest matches, back to back, and lose both? Difficult, but I've done much harder. Like trying to team with B.Dazzle.

    Where are my sights set now? Everyone. My sights are set on everyone that will get in my way of becoming a champion once again. Be it Drake, Michael, Joey, or even my old buddy Aids. Though all...well...almost all, will be tough challenges to get through. But I've never given up or been stopped before, why now?

    Kaizer looks at the camera again

    You must be asking why I am being so "nice" Simple. Generosity is its own form of power. And hey, being generous never hurt a man's chance at getting opportunities. But at a certain point, that generosity must turn into hatred. Hatred for the man who is in front of you. The man who you must defeat.

    Kaizer's attention returns back to the crowd

    Kaizer slept

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