Storyline Inside the Mental Institution: Victoria's video confessionals

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  1. A video is setup on a tripod as it is focused in on a single chair in the room. Off to the side, Victoria can be seen still restrained in her straightjacket, rocking back and forth singing a song. She's looking up at the ceiling with a smile on her face as she's heard singing. "Somebody mixed my medicine...I don't know what I'm on...Somebody mixed my medicine...but baby it's all gone...Somebody mixed my medicine, somebody's in my head again...Somebody mixed my medicine again...Again..." Victoria let out a chilling laugh as she looked over at the staff coming towards her. She was helped to her feet and brought over to the chair in the room. The staff could be seen standing in the back of the room, likely keeping an eye on Victoria's behavior.

    "Hello there IWT. As I'm sure you're all aware due to those slimy bastards that were in here a few days ago, I am currently staying in a mental institution until I am considered mentally capable of handling myself in my personal life and career. I believe that I am being held against my will and it's only a matter of time before I find my way out." Dr. Strong, Victoria's psychiatrist, is overheard somewhere in the room but the camera is not focused in on him. "Victoria, I know what you've been capable of in the past, but this is a highly supervised institution with people in similar situations."

    Victoria throws her head back in laughter as she looks back at Dr. Strong, shaking her head in disbelief. "Doc, I guess I was mistaken about you. I thought you, of all people, would know that anything is possible for Victoria Parker. For instance," as the straightjacket falls free off her shoulders, "how did I get free of my jacket when I have been monitored my entire time here? You have NO IDEA who you're dealing with." Victoria smirked and looked darkly into the camera as the staff restrained her and put her back into the jacket.

    "But anyway, let's get down to business shall we? The 'brilliant' Dr. Strong wants me to start making these video confessionals to start making amends and discussing hard-hitting topics about my behavior. The first video for today will be for making apologies."

    Victoria swallows hard as it looks visibly difficult for her to do, as she sits uncomfortably in her chair. "Despite all of your efforts to ruin my life since then, I'm...apologizing first to Rhod, Dat Kid, and Danielson. I used all of you in the tag team division for personal gain and to make a name for myself in the IWT. I also want to say I'm...sorry to Dat Kid for leaving him at the alter on our wedding day and knocking you out in the ring. It was a very rude thing to do." Victoria visibly cringes as she continues with her apologies. "Also, I apologize to my various opponents in the IWT - Adam, Nanorah, DK, Vintage, Senhor, and many others for insinuating that you do not belong in the IWT and have no talent. It was...inappropriate for me to say that I am so much better than you." Victoria visibly bites her lip trying to keep herself from saying more before she is urged by Dr. Strong to continue. "And finally...I will Aids Johnson. To get the upperhand after you won the IWT Title from me with your Money in the Bank briefcase, I kidnapped your family and have done unbelievable things since then. I have put your family in danger and it is my job to make amends with you right now and tell you where they are."

    Victoria pauses as you can see her visibly trying to get free again from the jacket. She looks back up at the camera with a dark look on her face. "NO, I'M NOT SORRY AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME SORRY FOR ANY OF THIS! Guess what Doc, I hate EVERYONE in the IWT and nothing you can do can change that. NOTHING! There isn't a single person in that locker room that deserves my respect! You can't trick me into giving information away about Aid's family either. THEY WILL ROT IN HELL JUST LIKE HIM!!! They're probably dying of starvation right now and there's absolutely nothing any of you can do about it! I'm still in control here and you have NOTHING to show for your efforts!"

    As Victoria starts getting hauled away from the chair and out of the room, Victoria can be overheard kicking and screaming before the camera goes black. "Unhand me this instant! You can't do this to me! I will get out of here, and when I do, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WILL PAY!"
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    ..As the camera fades from the ward, a camera is now catching up with Aids Johnson, who is leaving the community area, having just witnessed the interview with Victoria Parker. Aids clearly doesn't look well.

    James: Champ, can we grab a word?
    Aids: A word? What do you want me to say? You know this is all my fault, right? I contacted the police when my family went missing. Unfortunately for me, even video evidence was not enough to prove that my family members did not leave "on the own will." So what does a millionaire Three-time IWT Champion do? I hired 3 Private Investigators, and not one of them has anything to help me with. WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY? Is there some magical way i can trash talk my way out of this? No. They are safe, she must be lying. As long as I have the belt, she has no reason to hurt them.....right?
    James: Well there is always a possibil...
    Aids: A possibility? Get this camera out of my face before this paper champion covers a rock and beats your face purple.

    Aids slings hiis belt back over his shoulder, walking away as the camera fades to black.
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  3. Video Confessional #2

    The video is set up once again in an undisclosed location where Victoria is being held. Victoria's location has been kept top secret in order to maintain her privacy and to prevent any further injury to other superstars and fans of the IWT. Two steel chairs are set up in the center of a white padded cell. A door creaks open as Victoria is seen being lead into one of the steel chairs. She's still wrapped up in a straightjacket as she's seated in one of the chairs. Victoria still looks pale and her eyes are blank, as a dark smile still decorates her rough exterior. Her hair looks like it hasn't been combed in days and is a mess around her face. There are dark circles under her eyes as if she hasn't slept in just as long.

    Shortly thereafter, Dr. Strong is seen taking a seat in the chair opposite Victoria. He has a clipboard and pen in hand as he sits analyzing Victoria's appearance. He takes a deep breath before proceeding.

    Strong: Victoria, today we will be focusing on another video confessional. Given the volatile state of your last video, I wanted to help direct you as we discuss the next topic. The next topic, I will warn you, will probably be a difficult one. However, I think it's necessary for you to come to terms with it before we can proceed.
    Victoria: *laughs darkly* Before we can proceed? Doc, I don't want to be here. This is the best I've ever felt. I'm more menacing and destructive than I've ever been. This is the stuff champions are made of. If anything, I should be allowed back in the IWT where I belong.
    Strong: I recognize your hesitation to be here. However, it is my professional opinion that you are a danger to yourself and others.
    Victoria: Oh Doc, I'm not a danger to myself. I know exactly what I'm doing...and isn't that what scares you the most?
    Strong: *visibly swallows hard and looks a tad uncomfortable*
    Victoria: The thing is, I don't care that I hurt other people and that's why you think I'm a danger to myself. I've lost my 'morality', right Doc? If I'm willing to attack people with knives, shoot guns off in arenas...what else could evil Victoria come up with in that head of hers? Skies the limit Doc, and I've only scratched the surface. People ARE in danger around me, but nothing you're going to do here in your sessions can stop me. Isn't that what you're really afraid of? *Victoria looks darkly at Dr. Strong with a smirk on her lips*
    Strong: *clears his throat* What's most important right now is helping you get better. Today's conversation is about your family history.
    Victoria: *the smirk disappears instantly as she looks dangerously at Dr. Strong* My family history has nothing to do with me whatsoever.
    Strong: But Victoria, it is my understanding that it does. You wouldn't be who you are today without what happened to you. Tell me more about how things were when you grew up.
    Victoria: *Victoria looked down at her feet as she started to shake her head no violently* It's none of your business! I will always be better off without them!
    Strong: *proceeds more gently* I can imagine how difficult this must be for you. Share whatever you feel comfortable with about your parents.
    Victoria: *looks up quickly at Dr. Strong with a dark stare, her eyes like daggers* WHAT PARENTS? The parents I did have are dead to me! You know what they did when they had two kids to raise? They got drunk every single night, never worked, and left ME to find food for myself and my little brother. And when their children were taken from them and we were sent to foster homes, do you think they came looking for us? NO they NEVER came looking for us! They're probably still sitting on the streets with a bottle in one hand and a joint in the other. We were just collateral damage and they were FAR too selfish to give a damn about anyone but themselves.
    Strong: *pauses for a moment, watching Victoria breathing heavily across from him* So it seems like you raised yourself.
    Victoria: Of course I raised myself! I learned how to cook, clean, how to excel in school, and I was responsible for being a mother figure to my baby brother. The foster parents we had weren't any better than our actual parents. Most of them were doing it for the money, not to impact any of our lives in a positive manner. That's why I realized very early on that I can't depend on ANYONE but myself. If I'm not going to fight tooth and nail for things on my own then I'm never going to get it. People are, by nature, very selfish and disgusting pieces of shit. Why not fight as dirty as them and show them that NO ONE can defeat Victoria Parker? No matter what I've been put through I still know I'm the very best at what I do.
    Strong: *he nods slightly, pauses, and proceeds with his next comment with caution* It took a lot of courage for you to talk about all of this. I'm curious if that's partially why you abducted Aids' family.
    Victoria: *Victoria looked at Strong for a moment before she started kicking and screaming; staff was quick to come over to hold her down* Why do you insist on bringing up Aids all the time?! You know I hate him and despise him for everything he's done to me. I took his family because I knew it would hurt him! I want him to hurt even more than he's ever hurt me! NOW he knows what it feels like to have people he cares about RIPPED from his life like he's ripped the title away from me. The title meant EVERYTHING to me and now he knows what it feels like to be left with NOTHING but an empty title and no one to celebrate his success with. He will have to see me repeatedly and know that I was the one to truly break and change the mighty Aids Johnson. There's your answer Doc! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!
    Strong: *stands up quickly* I think that's plenty for today. Take her back to her cell as quickly as you can.

    Before someone shuts off the camera, Victoria can still be seen being pulled by four grown men, kicking, and screaming incoherently as she is hauled out of the room.
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  4. Dat Kid watches via his laptop. He seems almost speechless and saddened by what he sees. Dat Kid places his hand on his forehead. He slams his hand on the table

    This isn't tentacle porn!
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  5. OOC: These are awesome Jenn, My favourite promo I have seen in IWT, great job :)
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  6. inb4 she turns face in the ward. JK JK :dawg:
  7. Video Confessional #3

    In an undisclosed location inside the asylum, a video camera focuses in on two steel chairs in the otherwise empty room. Similarly to the other videos, Victoria is brought in by three uniformed men who seat her in one of the steel chairs. Victoria is still restrained in a straightjacket. Sources report that Victoria has tried to steal staff's keys and utilize them as weapons for escape. Victoria still has a dark, demonic look on her face and a small smile across her face as she sees Dr. Strong sit across from her. The staff stands off toward the back of the room but is still visible by the camera.

    Strong: Victoria, I appreciate your time once again.
    Victoria: *chuckles* As if I'd have a choice in the matter. You want to restore my sanity and morality, so I imagine that will take up quite a bit of your time...probably more time than you have left of that pitiful life of yours.
    Strong: *clears his throat* Well, despite all that, there are still some things we need to continue to discuss before you are medically cleared to work again. I was looking through your file *briefly shows Victoria a manila folder with numerous papers inside* and I noticed something curious.
    Victoria: *looks at Dr. Strong darkly* I DON'T want to talk about my family again.
    Strong: The question isn't about your family but rather about you.

    Victoria continues to watch Dr. Strong as he proceeds.

    Strong: As you mentioned in our latest video confessional, you spent some time in foster homes. While I was looking through your file, I noticed that you have a criminal record. It's stated here that you were arrested for physically assaulting one of the foster parents and spent time doing community service and had court mandated counselling.
    Victoria: *smiles darkly* That bitch had what was coming to her.
    Strong: Tell me more about what happened.
    Victoria: *leans in closer to Dr. Strong in her seat and smiles* This woman thought that she had it made. There were four other children under her care before we arrived. Some of them weren't old enough to take care of themselves properly. She had all of us doing the cooking, cleaning, shopping, bathing, and any other chore or daily living task she could think of. She didn't lift a finger unless it was to beat one of us over her knee or to chase us around with her wooden spoon or leather whip. Her disgusting fat ass rotted away on her couch, bellowing orders at the top of her lungs, demanding that we do as we're told otherwise we will be punished. She would threaten to make welts on our skin, to leave hand prints on us so people would know we disobeyed. And the worst part of all? She told us we were scum. This son of a bitch told us we weren't worthy of anyone...that our parents abandoned us because they knew how worthless and pathetic we really were. She said she was the saint! If it wasn't for her, we'd be rotting on the street where we belong right along with the rest of the trash.

    Victoria paused for a second before looking demonically at Dr. Strong, smiling widely from the memory.

    Victoria: So, I did what I had to do. I couldn't let this bitch talk down to me. No matter what my parents had done, I was STILL Victoria Parker and I had my pride. One day I just snapped. I had enough of everyone from my parents to this woman trying to make me feel like used trash, like I wasn't worth anything. If ANYONE was going to be fighting, it was going to be me. If anyone was going to get bruises, I would be the one giving them out. If someone's blood was going to be spilled, it would be because I wanted it that way. I was NEVER, EVER going to feel weak again.

    Victoria's eyes widened looking delirious, as the smile stayed on her face

    Victoria: I KICKED her repeatedly in the stomach, SMASHED her leg numerously into the coffee table in front of her couch, pushed my foot OVER AND OVER again into her skull until there was blood everywhere. I kept going until her breath was shallow, until I was sure she could have been within an inch of death. If it wasn't for her brother coming to visit later that day, I may have succeeded in killing her myself. I loved EVERY SECOND of that. I felt alive and in control for the very first time in my life. So you see, Doc, maybe I've always been 'broken'. I may have been wrongly placed in jail where this bitch should have been, but it was a small price to pay for the person I've become.
    Strong: *swallows hard* What happened to the foster mom after that?
    Victoria: *sat back in her chair looking bored* Oh, she was patched up and the medical staff cleared her after about a week. But, after that, she never asked me or any of the kids to do a single thing again.
    Strong: It's like you lucked out. What if she hadn't been okay? You could have spent some serious jail time.
    Victoria: *looks at Dr. Strong with pity before proceeding* Oh Doc, that's just pure speculation. Nothing happened to me and NOTHING ever will. I'm far too good at doing what I do to ever get caught. Besides-

    Victoria nods at the staff standing near the back of the room, as the staff is seen pulling out their keys and stabbing themselves repeatedly in the leg with them

    Victoria: I can be VERY convincing and I can get anyone to do EXACTLY what I want.

    Victoria throws her head back and lets out a bone-chilling laugh. Dr. Strong stands up abruptly and runs out of the room to get help from other staff members. Victoria stands up slowly from her chair and turns to look directly into the camera. The bleeding staff can be seen leaning with their backs against the wall with Victoria standing in front of them. The darkness in her expression is apparent. "You're next."

    Victoria's bone-chilling laughter is heard until she is carried out by staff; the camera goes black.
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  8. Video Confessional #4

    The video feed from inside the asylum appears on the titantron in the arena. Victoria is pictured alone this time sitting in front of the camera with several staff standing behind her. A smile slowly creeps upon her face as she begins to speak.

    "Well, I'm back! Today I am getting a much-needed break from Dr. Strong. At the moment, I believe he's nursing himself back to health after a nasty injury this morning. All the other doctors in this place told him not to take me out of my straightjacket...BUT he didn't listen. He thought it would be good for me to be out of my jacket and allowed to be in the common area with all the other crazies in this joint. All went well until he tried to put me back into it...SO I threw some tables and chairs at his skull, and beat him up a bit with my fists and quite a few vicious kicks. Which, by the way, all of the chairs and tables were steel. You would think they would have equipment in this place that would minimize injury if incidents happened, but you'd be surprised what things they don't consider in a place like this. But, needless to say, Dr. Strong is suffering from a concussion and has a pretty deep cut on his forehead. I don't know when he'll be back but I can't wait to laugh in his face once he gets back."

    Victoria laughed a little before continuing. "As you can see, some of the staff did manage to get me back into this jacket. But, don't you worry! I made sure to give them quite the fight." Victoria winked and threw her head back in laughter before she proceeded. "While I was able to have my time in the common area, I was able to put on the IWT for some truly quality programming. I mean, really, kudos to all of you for a job well done. There seems to be additional characters being introduced to the roster who look to be nothing but midcarders at best, and the mighty Aids Johnson has a mess of a match with a bunch of midcarders as well. I am more convinced than ever before that my presence is needed to keep this place up and running. Your current champion is obviously starting to lose it and the grief of not knowing the whereabouts of his beloved family is breaking him piece by piece. Even while I'm locked up here away from all of you, I'm still watching. This business is my life and MY title is with someone who doesn't deserve it. Cherish this time you have with me out of your arenas, out of your locker room, and locked up out of sight. Because once I do get out here...and believe me, I WILL find a way're ALL going to wish I didn't exist."

    Victoria looks demonically at the camera with a dark smile on her face before the camera shuts off and the titantron goes black.
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  9. "Champ! Champ," an interviewer yells, as Aids is seen leaving the locker room on his way out for the night. "Champ, any statements you'd like to make on the recent interview from Victoria Parker? Anything you'd like to add or address?"

    Aids turns suddenly, hardly even noticing the people walking quickly towards him. Is there anything I can add, to what? VP speaks for herself, is there something you wanted? "Well champ, she has addressed the IWT universe, personally pointing out your lack of "quality opp..." I am here, where is she? Aids asks, before re-positioning the belt on his shoulder... People always find it easiest to talk when there is some distance between us. There is nothing to say, nothing I would ever want to add. *Aids pats his belt* I am the IWT champion, not her, and unless you want to end up like Victoria Parker, you need to decide what you are willing to give up before bothering me, wasting my time. Aids says, simultaneously grabbing the interviewer by the chin. This is MY playground, mother F*****, and the next time some arrogant asshole come's asking about my opinion on VP again, know that thing's haven't changed here, not one bit. She is rotting away, begging people to watch her, while I run this show, and keep up business as usual. This is my world, Aids says, before pushing at the camera, blacking out the view.
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  10. Video Confessional #5

    Within the padded cell, a young man is seen setting and resetting the chairs up in the room. The young doctor smooths out his button shirt and tie before he calls out of the room for Victoria to be brought in. He stands off to the side as she goes past with three members of the staff leading her to her seat. Victoria takes in the young doctor's appearance and gives a small smile before taking a look around. New comfortable chairs have been put in place of the steel chairs that Dr. Strong typically uses and a few pictures have been placed on the wall. The new doctor takes a seat across from Victoria, takes a deep breath, and begins to speak.

    Dr. Adams: Good morning Victoria. Due to the recent events with Dr. Strong, I am the doctor that is temporarily on your case. My name is Dr. Jeremy Adams and I will be spending some sessions with you until Dr. Strong is medically cleared to return.
    Victoria: *takes in Adams' appearance and smirks* Are you sure you're old enough to be a shrink? You look like you just found your way out of high school. Also, due to the redecorating you've done to this place, so far you're more qualified to be an interior decorator.
    Adams: I assure you that I am a licensed professional and old enough to be practicing in the field. I am relatively new to this position but my training has left me very capable of handling your case.
    Victoria: *throws her head back in laughter* Oh, I'm sure my employer will be THRILLED to learn that I've been left in the hands of a newbie shrink. You do know how 'messed up' everyone thinks I am, right? Dr. Strong in particular knows how demented and morally corrupt I am. Hopefully you won't be suffering the same fate...we wouldn't want that pretty face of yours to get messed up. *smiles demonically at Adams*
    Adams: I am aware of your case and have prepared for our encounter this morning. I wanted things to be different, for you to have the opportunity at a fresh start with a new face. I am not Dr. Strong and you will hopefully recognize that through our sessions. I will be keeping the same format as Dr. Strong, discussing specific topics, but the approach will be a little different. Today we will be discussing your personal relationships. You've talked about your family before but something that we need to delve into as well is your friendships. How many close friends would you say you've had in your lifetime?
    Victoria: *laughs a little* You're kidding me right? Based on what you know about me, why would someone like me have any friends?
    Adams: I'm not talking about the Victoria Parker that sitting in front of me. What about the Victoria Parker that existed before her wrestling career?
    Victoria: *her expression goes dark* That Victoria is dead to me and is dead to EVERYONE else.
    Adams: I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that.
    Victoria: I was pathetic growing up. I wanted my peers to like me and to have people I could talk to and spend time with. With my parents being MIA and the shitty situations I was in from the foster home system, all I wanted were friends that could help take my mind off of how terrible everything else was. But, I should have known better. My peers knew that I was the weird kid whose parents didn't want her. I was the freak in the class that never had new, nice clothes and never had any of the latest trends. Most of all, I was the freak who was sent to jail for being violent towards the woman who took me into her home. They didn't care why I was in the situations I was in...all they cared about was that I was DIFFERENT. Different scared them and they preferred to ignore me than to get to know me. That's when I REALLY knew that people would always be disgusting, worthless pieces of shit and I could never depend on anyone but myself. So, from high school on, I resounded that I was better off without friends and I needed to make it on my own.
    Adams: So how would you describe your tag team partnerships in the past?
    Victoria: *smiles* They were partnerships created for my benefit. I didn't trust most of them and intended to use them just like they were using me. We're in the business where if you don't create professional success for yourself, then you can become irrelevant in a heartbeat. I'm out to make things better for me and nothing will change that.
    Adams: From what I understand, not all of your tag team relationships were partnerships. For instance, you were so upset with Danielson when he turned on you because of the close bond you had built together.
    Victoria: *her expression goes dark as she starts to shout* He was one of the few I let myself care about! I THOUGHT HE CARED ABOUT ME! We had similar interests and goals that I thought we could build upon together. I showed him my family home, where I went to school, and introduced him to my brother. We took photos together like best friends! He meant everything to me and he BETRAYED ME! HE'S DEAD TO ME!
    Adams: *pauses for a second letting Victoria recover a bit* Recently, Danielson released an Anonymous video begging to get you back. He seemed very insistent and desperate.
    Victoria: *for the first time in quite a while, Victoria's expression softens as she looks at Dr. Adams in disbelief* He-he did?
    Adams: Yeah, I thought you knew that.
    Victoria: *looks down at her feet and talks softly* No, I didn't know that.
    Adams: *puzzled, Adams looks at her for a moment before speaking* Victoria, thank you very much for this session today. You are free to go. Staff, please take her back to her room.

    As the staff takes Victoria by the arms and leads her out of the room, Victoria still has a glazed over confused look on her face. Victoria is overheard saying, "Danielson?" before she exits the room.
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  11. Video Confessional #6

    The titantron displays a feed. In the right hand corner, the words "previously recorded" are seen as the video starts after seeing Dat Kid swiftly leaving the asylum. Victoria is still seated on the floor, laughing hysterically looking off at one of the nearby walls. Inbetween her laughter, Victoria is still screaming and unresponsive to the staff trying to get her to calm down. "He thought he could come in here and destroy me. NO ONE DESTROYS ME! ALL of his attempts have fallen flat in the past AND SO WILL THIS ONE! Dat Kid is just like ALL of them. Rhod, Danielson, and Aids...Aids...THEY ALL HAVE FAILED! NO ONE CAN TOUCH ME! NO ONE!"

    Victoria's eyes widen as she lays out on the ground, kicking her legs as the hysterical laughter continues to pour out of her. "I'm the champion everyone wishes they could be. They all wish they could be half as brilliant and driven as I am. Dat Kid tried...oh, he REALLY tried to screw with me. He wanted me to SHATTER LIKE GLASS! Well, NEWS FLASH! I've already been shattered and lost my ability to feel anything but malice for everyone around me. Thanks for adding fuel to the fire!" Victoria continues to have random bouts of laughter before Dr. Adams, the doctor filling in for Dr. Strong, comes running into the visitors room. "What the hell happened in here?!" Dr. Adams stands over Victoria looking on in horror as Victoria has a meltdown before his very eyes. "Get her to her room immediately! Have a sedative ready."

    Victoria looks demonically at Dr. Adams and continues to laugh. "Oh, the lovely doctor comes in to save the day." Victoria's expression goes dark as she responds seriously. "I don't want to be saved. Let me out of here NOW! GET ME OUT OF HERE!" Victoria's shrilling screams can be heard echoing through the eerily still arena. The titantron shows Victoria kicking four staff in the face before she is finally carried out by five members of the asylum's staff. The camera follows her to her room where she is laid out on a bed with leather straps. Victoria is restrained by each strap before a sedative is injected into her arm. Victoria continues to scream until the medication sets in and she falls fast asleep. With that, the camera goes out and the titantron goes black.
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    As the camera's begin walking past the main locker room area, and towards the staff area, Aids Johnson walks out of his locker room. "Hey champ! Can we get a word on the latest Victoria Parker promo?" They ask, as Aids turns quickly.

    "Hey, asshole. Do you realize what is in the Main event for this weekend? My title is up for grabs, it's time for you to get out of the champ's face and let me handle my business. Besides, i see Dat Kid came for a visit, and VP was in the lobby for him." Aids says, stopping to let the camera see his new title belt. "Does this mean you are jealous? They ask, while Aids glares, silent.

    Is there anything i'd like to add? NO. No, there is nothing I want to add. She has plenty of fans and friends who care about her, while I have the most important match of this show ahead of me. Is there anything you want to ask or say about me facing off with DKJames again?

    "No, champ," they reply, as Aids scoffs and gives a sour look. You know what? After the anniversary show ends, this will be the last time you and I talk, ever. Maybe you can go visit Victoria Parker yourself? or maybe you can be her cellmate... Aids says, before scoffing at the interviewer, looking straight into the camera, as the picture feed fades.
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  13. Video Confessional #7

    A staff member at the asylum sets the camera directly in front of Victoria who is sitting on the floor of her padded cell. The staff member gently nudges her as she takes notice of the camera in front of her. She smiles darkly as she looks directly into the camera.

    "This week has been a very busy week for me. While I was busy doing things for the IWT Anniversary show, I was getting several visits from members of the locker room. Everyone seems to be intrigued by the mighty Victoria Parker being locked up in a cell, but somehow still having the ability to cause destruction. For example, I've heard that I did quite the amount of damage on some cars in the parking lot. Bombs can do that if they're set up right." Victoria throws her head back in laughter before she looks back at the camera. "Despite being locked up in this hell hole, I've been able to get some people to do some work for me on the inside. I can be quite convincing and people tend to do whatever I want them to do. Because of that, I got a very interesting message from Nick. I can respect going above and beyond to get your point across. After all, I have done some controversial things to get into matches and get the upper hand."

    Victoria nods at the staff member as the music box Knight gave her starts to play in the background. She leans into the camera with a smirk on her face. "Nick, I will be declining your offer. I know nothing about you and I certainly don't trust you. You may have lead a revolution within these walls, caused some destruction of your own. But sweetheart, allow me to let you in on a little secret. There is and will always be only one Victoria Parker. You may think you're a leader and that you have a cause to represent, but I am not a follower. I AM an innovator and a revolutionary. I am a one woman army that not a single person can stop. The IWT might think they have me under control...that these walls can contain me and keep me from causing harm to others. But, the truth of the matter is, you and EVERYONE ELSE have no idea what I'm capable of. I will get out of here on my own and I will continue to stand on my own."

    Victoria leans in even closer with a demonic smile on her lips. She starts to talk barely above a whisper. "You might think you're scary but nothing is worse than me."
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  14. Response to Victoria Parker

    Nick sets a camera up on a desk, an looks into it, his face dripping water.

    "Victoria, Victoria, dear... you wanna play games? You see, I don't play the games. I run the games! You... You did what everyone else in the past has done before.. you didn't listen. I didn't say you'd be a follower, I was saying how I would put you right in the main event scene. Victoria, i was your only hope of a painless escape, but you're just making yourself pay. I wanted you to be leader, but you went and messed that up. Victoria, you've hurt me. I thought we had this special connection, but you're just like the rest. You won't trust me. You think you're above me. I'm a blue collar guy, I work for everything!... but nobody trusts me. Victoria, you've made the biggest mistake of your life."

    Nick laughs and moves closer to the camera.

    "I wanted to give you, Marcus, and the two brothers glory but nobody listened... just like how it's always been. I tried saving lives but nobody trusted me. Its not even worth trying. I want to change the world for all of us, so we can live in a better place but nobody ever trusts me! All... they do.... is IGNORE ME!"

    Nick gets up and throws a stack of papers to the ground out of pure rage.

    "IM TIRED OF BEING IGNORED! It's never going to happen again! I don't think I'm scary... I know I'm scary." As Nick is saying this, he pulls a razor blade out of his pocket.

    "You may think you're the scariest thing on this planet, but I'm your worst nightmare. Victoria, I'm coming for you, whether you like it or not, and you will never be the same again."

    Nick throws the camera to the ground
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  15. The staff member shows the video to Victoria as she starts to laugh uncontrollably. "It looks like he's already taken the bait. Let's see if he's as ruthless as he says he is. I can't wait to find out."
  16. Nick arrives at the asylum in his car. He gets out, and walks through the main gates. Immediately upon his entrance, the receptionist cowers in fear.

    "Long time no see..." Nick approaches her an pulls out the razor. "I want Victoria Parker's room right now... and I don't want her in a straight jacket. I'm being very clear, now hurry!"

    The woman shows him the way through to Victoria's cell. She tells him that he'll have to remove the straight jacket himself, as she's too dangerous.

    "Well well well... What have we here. Victoria Parker, the same one who I will give a second chance. First off, you smell terrible, as does this room." Nick reaches into his bag and throws her some perfume. "You need this, I thought id five you a gift before I make you pay. Now, I don't want you in the straight jacket. Because I'm going to give you one more chance. Do you join me, or do I have to force you to join me?"
  17. Victoria smiles as she sees Nick appear before her. "You got here even faster than I thought, and you even brought a weapon with you. You certainly know how to get around." Victoria stands up and starts pacing in circles around him. "I was hoping you would come here. I wanted to see you for myself, to see if you really were the real deal. I get mixed messages from you. One moment you're saying 'I'm running the games' and the next second you're saying I could be a leader. From what I understand you're offering me, I already have a claim to. Once I get out of here, I already have a claim to the main event. I'll have my rematch against whoever wins the IWT Championship this weekend.

    "And there's something you need to understand", Victoria continued. "I have a very bad experience with partnerships. There have only been a few that have worked out for me. It's true, they got me the tag team titles, but in the end they backfired and I was left with a whole lot of rage. See, there's a reason why I don't trust anyone. If you want me on your side, you have to do A LOT more than threatening me with razor blades. Be a man of action and provide me with a reason why we should be working together. If I'm as valuable to you as you say I am, then you'll be willing to do ANYTHING to prove it."
  18. Nick smirks and puts the razor blade down.

    "Prove myself? Do I really need to prove myself to you? You say that I need to be a man of action, but the fact that I easily drove here and am now in your cell isn't good enough reason that I'm a man of action?"

    He laughs and begins pacing as well, contemplating until he finally sits.

    "I don't fear you Victoria - in fact, I admire you. I didn't want you to be in your straight jacket or confined by guards because I know that you see something in me. If you didn't, I'm sure you would've already attacked me. You see, I won't leave you because I know what it's like. I live to save people from the pain I've felt. My sole purpose in life is to save those from the terrors of being ignored and left to die."

    He laughs and looks back at Victoria. He says softly, "You see, I know no fear. So yes, I will do whatever is I need to do to prove myself, though I don't see why I need to."
  19. "I just want to make sure your loyalty is legitimate", Victoria said, smiling at Nick. "It's true, I do find you very intriguing. There aren't many who I've seen that understand the lengths I will go to get what I want. You're not interested in changing me and I like that."

    Victoria sits back down on the floor. "I have some unfinished business and I can't leave just yet. You can choose to get stuck in here with me until I'm ready to go or you can leave now and come back for me when I'm ready. The choice is yours."
  20. Nick smiles. "I think I'll be on my way now, trust me... I'll be back."

    Nick grabs his bag and goes to exit, but is taken down by two security guards. They put him in a straight jacket and throw him into the cell. Dr Strong walks in, still injured from the beating he took from Victoria.

    "Haha! We finally got you. I haven't forgotten what you did to me, and now you're back where you belong, with Victoria. I hope you two enjoy being stuck in here for eternity, because I'm not going to be helping anymore. I can finally retire,
    Knowing both Nick and Victoria are locked up. Dr. Adams will be taking over my duties. Now, something I've always wanted to do." Strong injects Nick with something, sedating him. The other guards put Victoria back in her straight jacket, and leave them in the cell.