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    The Special begins with the IWT intro and is played on ESPN TV as a look into the life of pro wrestling, IWT and Spawn.

    An alarm aggressively beeps in an monotonous tone until a large hand flops out from the bed beside it and comes crashing down ending the noise. Spawn sits up from bed with a groan as he looks at the time on the clock. 3am as usual. Spawn cracks some eggs into a class, and proceeds to down it while listening to a small tv sat in the kitchen of his small hotel room. He laces up his sneakers and pulls up the zip on his hoodie as he grabs his phone and leaves his room.

    The morning begun with a regular patter of snowfall. Spawn stood in the middle of a trench dug by the feet of dog walkers and fellow runners. Spawn simply looks at the fresh morning sky as the snow lands on his face, slowly turning from a white speck to a trickle of water. He takes a few deep breathes and exhales as the misty condensation leaves the mans mouth as if he were a chain smoker in a late night club. He shuts his eyes and soaks in the day to come, within a few easy moments he gets lighter on his feet and begins a jog through the snow in the park.

    (Spawn talks over the footage of him making his way through the park): Do I know what I am doing with my life? No. Each morning I wake up and look around at the world before the rest of humanity wakes. I look at the unspoiled riches and the untainted beauty and I breath it all in, I soak as much of it as I can because I know that one day I will not be able to enjoy it.

    This passion of mine, this lust for greatness. It will be the death of me.
    My name is Spawn, and I am a pro wrestler.


    Spawn now dressed in casual workout gear is sat on a couch, staring madly at the television. He is re-watching his match from the main event on IWTMania IV. The camera pans in real close on Spawn's face as he does not break eye contact from the screen.

    Where did it all begin? December 4th 2015. That night was the first time I had walked down that ramp and stepped into that ring. The crowd didn't know whether to scream or to gasp, I remember hearing a lot of both. For the first time in my life I had the world in the palm of my hands. They had never seen anything like it before you know? IWT was just running as usual and in the last match of the first round of the golden lottery ticket, out walks this huge masked monster.

    I knew then that I was riding to the top of the world.

    Footage rolls back from Spawn's first promo in the company
    It was a special night for me. After that promo, when I dropped that mic and I looked around and I heard nothing but silence, it reminds me a lot of the brisk early mornings. I knew then that this was what I was meant to do. I was hooked...

    The camera cuts back to Spawn sat comfortably on his couch with his arm ran along the top of the cushion.

    I got home that night and I didn't sleep. I was rolling in my sheets just waiting for that phone call from Michael so I could get my flight booked and head out to those people again. I couldn't get it off my mind. There was definitely a lot of late nights, walking through the streets trying to cool down after a match. Luckily I wrestled with the mask so no one even knew who I was when I walked around in just a tracksuit.

    The ride didn't stop there though. I was an unstoppable force the likes IWT had not seen ever before. I would come out and the fire would shoot into the sky and the fans would shriek. I was a rhino in a china store, I charged through and broke anything in my path. I destroyed all who stood in my path, my path to gold. I was Goliath, and in my search for glory I found my David.

    Footage shows Spawn vs Nick from the Golden Lottery Final

    (Spawn talking over spots from his match with Nick): My music hit, the lights dimmed to a blood red and I stepped out as usual. I wanted to get in there and decimate my opponent like I had been doing. I was expecting the same old, but the man that stepped out after I would be the first obstacle that I would meet. You look at a guy like Nick and you don't see much. In fact as it goes he barely looks like a pro wrestler. I looked at him and I think I laughed.

    Nick went from being my opponent that night to being a pain in my ass. I didn't matter how hard I hit him, that guy just wouldn't fall down. He couldn't fall down. At the time I never understood it, I thought he was a fool, a mad man. But when I look back it all makes sense. Nick wasn't going to lose to me, because he wasn't fighting for himself. He was fighting for everyone that tuned in week after week. Nick was doing it for them.

    Only now can I reflect on our matches and really appreciate how great Nick is. He has no ego, he has no other wishes than to put smiles on peoples faces and to help take them out of a hurtful and sore world. Nick just wanted to give people an escape. To let them come out their shell and come together as one, through their love of wrestling...

    The camera slowly pans out as Spawn rubs his hand across his face, reflecting on his past.

    That night I could of walked out with a guaranteed shot at the IWT championship anytime I wanted it. That night was going to cement me finally becoming a champion. Finally showing everyone that I was the best. But Nick wouldn't go down without a fight. He pushed and he pushed and he did it. He won the ticket...

    Suddenly my world came crashing down. For the first time in the business I had something taken away from me. I was robbed of my shot. Did it make me bitter? Hell yeah. I wanted to break every bone in his body, I wanted to take everything from him like he did to me. Nick went from being my opponent, to my obsession.

    Footage of Spawn coming out seeking Nick plays

    I chased him and I sought him out. Nick being Nick... He gladly accepted the challenge. He knew the people wanted to see us both in the ring again. What he didn't know, was that I had a trick up my sleeve. I knew going into that match that Nick would not beat me this time. I was putting my life on the line in that match so that he could not rob me of my pride and of my dignity.

    Before our rematch there was no butterflies in my stomach. There was only bitter hatred. I bit my tongue at every minute that the clock tolled because it meant I had to wait. The clock was a constant reminder that it wasn't time yet. Our match wasn't ready. Pretty soon frustration boiled into rage. Then the flood gates opened, and out charged the bull.

    I walked out that night as the victor. But looking back now I think I left that ring as the biggest damn loser on the face of this earth. My hatred blinded me and over shadowed what made me love this. I didn't care what the people screamed anymore. I only cared what Nick screamed as I bent and bashed him in every way I could.

    It's ironic looking back. I was the biggest demon in IWT, and I was also my own biggest demon. My whole life I have been a big, strong guy. Yet there I was, broken and off course. How can someone that strong possibly be broken? These thoughts were still young to me, and the glory of finally beating Nick comforted me from these thoughts. I hid my problems by burying them in new ones. That was when the cycle really begun for me...

    Spawn is now in the middle of a training ring in a dingy, old school gym. He is wearing his trunks and boots as he locks up with one of his trainers. Both of them struggle and tussle before Spawn slips behind him and throws him over his head with a huge suplex. The trainer slaps into the mat and the whole ring shakes. One of the older trainers hangs over the rope on the apron as he screams "AGAIN!"

    Just as commanded both me lock up until Spawn's coach is happy. Spawn slips behind an tosses him once more and as the trainer lands the camera cuts to Spawn returning home from his training with a towel draped around his sweating neck. Spawn opens the fridge and pulls out a large steak and rice and prepares one of his many meals. The gas burner clicks with glee as Spawn drops the pan on top of it before dropping the large red chunk of meat onto the metal pan with a crackling sizzle.

    After I beat Nick I got a phone call from Michael. He tells me that I could earn a shot against the IWT Champion Aids Johnson. The only problem was to get my shot I had to do beat Nick once more. I can tell you now that was the easiest choice I have ever made. Here I am rejoicing. Not only could I get my shot at the title, I also get to kick Nick's ass again!
    There was nothing that would stop me now. I walked out there and I beat Nick and I got my shot.

    I was finally on line for greatness. Or so I thought. See at the time all that mattered to me was getting a hold of that title to show everyone that I was the baddest, the best and the one you don't mess with. I didn't want to be a champion. I wanted to be a God.

    See at the time Aids Johnson was on top of the world. IWT was a lot smaller back then. It was more close nit and loud. Without a man like Aids Johnson wearing that belt, there would of never been an IWT for me to set foot in. That man was the man. Only problem was, I wanted to be the man.

    My twisted hatred moved from Nick and made it's way to Aids Johnson. I shelved all my anger and all my bitterness and I directed it at Aids. I didn't want to beat Aids and take his belt. I wanted to crush him and rob him of all he fought for. I wanted to kill that man to show a message. I wanted to tell everyone, that I don't care what you have done. I will do it better.

    Spawn chuckles in a semi serious manner as he runs his fingers across his skull, locating the scars from that night at IWTMania IV.

    Turns out I made a career not only from beating people up. I made a career from underestimating people. I never realized why Aids was champion, why he built this house we all work in. I walked out there and I was going to end him. He didn't frown. He didn't laugh. He knew exactly what he was getting in for. I didn't fight for my career, I didn't fight for the fans and I didn't fight for the title. That night I fought for my life and Aids Johnson did the same.

    If I shut my eyes I can go back and I start to tremble. I remember the feeling of being covered from head to toe in his blood. I remember the stench as I tasted the iron from his plasma. There is no doubt it my mind that the pain and agony we suffered took a toll on our bodies. I think we both left that match with 10 years taken from us. I am not sure we will ever heal from that battle.

    I can recall, looking over from the corner of the ring as just seeing Aids staring off into the distance and blood literally poured out his body. I looked at a dying man and I called my shot. I went in and he rolled me up and within 3 seconds... my life would change forever.

    I had got so far. I had passed all the trials, only to stumble at the final hurdle? I would love someone to find a word that better describes what I felt, other than fury. Without a moment of haste I called out Jack Forte, the IC champion. He accepted and put me on my ass. And so suddenly I find myself falling from the top of the world. My whole career turned around in just one night. People must of seen the show because suddenly IWT was signing people left right and center.

    I got lost in the shuffle and no one cared anymore...

    Spawn is once again on his couch watching all his loses. as he cuts a narrative over the footage of him losing it all.

    I started on a downward spiral ever since my match with Nick. That darkness grew and grew until it ate me up. I wasn't eating, wasn't drinking and wasn't sleeping. I didn't deserve life anymore. If I was made of glass I would of been shattered into dust by that point. I was hopeless, there was no man that could save me, but instead, I found a God.

    [Psalms 147:3] He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

    I started to pray every morning for the answers. I begged to know what I did wrong. I tried my hardest to be told what to do, but I got no response. God is no fool. He knew I was trying to use him to better myself and to jump right back up there. He broke me down and made an example of me. He made me repent my sins and wish to be forgiven.

    Truth be told, I was never going to start a new page on my life while I carried the burden of my mask. I had to ditch it and my old life and go on a journey to find who I really was. I was so lost at that time, that I had forgotten who I was. What kind of man I was...

    Summerslam came around and I remember finding myself looking over the card. There was a great feeling of regret in my heart. Something I had not felt in a long, long time. I knew when I looked over the matches for that night that I had to come back. I was like a lion in the Serengeti. Once again I had spotted my prey and I had the same hunger I had the first night I walked out with that mask on. Only this time, the demon was not returning. Instead I was going to kill the demon and return better. Stronger. Greater.

    Footage clocks by of Spawn's unmasking at Summerslam

    Now where do I find myself?

    Spawn is once again running in the morning. By now a few hours have passed and the sun has awoken with a golden glow as it begins to melt the snow on the trees and atop the cars. Spawn runs by and makes a stop as he catches his breath. He folds over as his face is red and sweat runs down his face and chest.

    Now I find myself at the bottom of the ladder again. Spawn has returned. But in a sense I am walking out here for the first time again. I get a chance to experience that rush once more. That rush that made me want to become a pro wrestler.

    My name is Spawn. and if you are watching this. Know that I learnt from my mistakes. I pray to God. I eat well. I workout. I watch the tapes. I am not here to beat people up. I am here to be the greatest. I was my biggest weakness, this time I am my biggest strength. I had that IWT title slip through my fingers before. I tasted the fruit at the top of the tree. I have come back and I am reborn. Free from my sin. Free from my oppression. I went from being the hottest newcomer, to the biggest joke.

    I dare you to laugh in my face now. I dare you to continue to mock and to joke because I will smirk as I rise past all who say I can't do it. I will look down and I will say to you all, Spawn is back!

    Spawn runs off through the snow once more as the camera stands still, watching the man blaze on away into the distance as his theme plays in the background. Ending the documentary, Inside the mind: Spawn.

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  2. Nice, I got to learn more about Spawn. These things are kind of great for character development, along with showing people unfamiliar with you who your character is.
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