Storyline Inside the Steel

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    The scene is pitch black, but a shuffling sound can be heard. The sound of a lighter resonates and the tiny flame is visible. It moves over to a candle, dimly illuminating a small portion of the room. We see half of Nick's face, lit up by the candle and the other half still shrouded in the darkness.

    "Summerslam is approaching... only a little longer until I will feel at home once again. James Dragon wants to make my life a living hell, eh? He has no idea what he's in for then. I don't know if it was when his gang jumped me, or the other day when he pulled a fast one on me, or if I've always still had this feeling with me. But I haven't exactly been feeling right. And theres only one cure for this illness I'm feeling. And that cure is James Dragon's bones being shattered, his flesh torn apart by the vicious steel, the site of his blood dripping from all over his body and him screaming in agony."

    He smirks and his shoulder twitches for a moment.

    "You've threatened me. I won't be able to eat, even walk in peace? Then WHERE ARE YOU?? Huh James? Where are you? You said you'd torture me, put me through hell but wheres your bitch ass at? Of course, no where to be found. Maybe Ill just have to give you a little lesson in torture, to show you how its really done."

    "Your little club won't be able to help you, it's just gonna be me and you inside the cage, and thats a mistake you never should've made. Im gonna make you regret ever threatening me, and being foolish enough to accept this match. Because steel is a heartless, unforgiving monster worse than anything you've ever faced. The steel cage is like a home to me, and those who walk into the steel will be treated with the utmost hospitality. MY kind of hospitality. I hope you enjoy the taste of blood, James, because at Summerslam you're gonna be tasting A LOT of your own."

    Nick moves his full face into view.

    "The fire of James Dragon burns brightly, vibrantly and defiantly. Nobody has been able to put it out and stop its rebellion. But at Summerslam, Dragon's fire will be extinguished."

    Nick blows out the candle.
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