Storyline Inside Victoria Parker's home...

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  1. A hand is seen opening a basic wood oak door and walking in slowly to a dimly lit home. Heading up the stairs, the staff goes to the first room on the right. As the camera crew continues to head through the room, the camera crew notice a figure sitting in the corner of the bedroom off of the bathroom. Zooming in closer to the figure, a hardly recognizable Victoria Parker is sitting looking off in the distance with a pad of paper next to her. Victoria's hair is a mess as if it hasn't been combed in weeks. Victoria has dark circles under her eyes as if she hasn't slept in days. Her basic sweatpants and black tank top are disheveled and soiled with what looks like food stains. Even with the camera crew standing right in front of her, Victoria seems completely unaware of them and starts talking aloud.

    Victoria: I've been sitting here for over two weeks...TWO WEEKS NOW without a single person coming by to see me. It''s as if I'm invisible. I know people tune in to IWT because of me and there's not a single person better than me. They need me in order to stand out among the rest, and without me, they're just like every other wrestling federation out there. My career and success gives legitimacy to the wrestling business. I'm a two time IWT Champion and the only female to hold that title...THEY CAN NEVER FORGET ABOUT ME!

    Victoria suddenly stands up and thrusts her fist into her wall, breaking through the dry wall. Victoria slowly pulls her fist out of the broken wall and looks at the cuts on her hand. Blood is starting to flow from her fist. Victoria slowly straightens out her fingers and walks slowly past the camera crew, still completely unaware of their presence. She reaches into the cupboard in her bathroom and wraps a towel around her left hand, trying to stop the bleeding. She looks up into the mirror as she recognizes her disheveled appearance. She quickly looks away, not being able to look at herself for much longer.

    Victoria: They're all responsible for what I've become. That World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match was not my fault! I performed like I always do, showing my elite talent in the ring and instilling fear in my opponents all at the same time. The darkness...THE EVIL inside me has supported me. That's one thing that's never let me down! I didn't embrace it fully when I was IWT Champion but I KNOW I was broken then and the title just held me together. But now that I'm without it-

    Victoria takes her unwrapped hand and puts her head in her hand, seemingly conflicted with herself.

    Victoria: What and who am I? All I've ever done is use my desire to prove everyone wrong while making everyone else miserable. Playing mind games is my specialty! I don't know real joy unless I'm tormenting someone else and making myself look better. BUT I'M NOT DOING THAT ANYMORE! If I'm not getting humiliated by Aids Johnson after failed attempts at getting my title back, I'm getting humiliated by several IWT superstars in the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match.

    Victoria pulls her hand away from her head and looks back at her reflection, fear evident in her eyes. Her voice shakes as she's talking barely above a whisper.

    Victoria: It''s as if no one fears me anymore. As if my mind games aren't unpredictable anymore. What I thought made me strong has ended up making me weak. I can't seem to win many matches anymore because it's like they know what's coming. Blowing up that asylum, everything that I've ever done since I lost my's like it's all been for nothing. Nothing at all. Now I'm just a shattered mess.

    Victoria breathing intensifies as she shakes her head, looking at herself fearfully in the mirror as she backs up against the wall in the bathroom. She slides down to the floor with her back still to the wall, running her one free hand through her disheveled hair. Her fingers are visibly shaking as she pulls them through.

    Victoria: No, no, THAT CAN'T BE! I'm the one who's been right about this, everyone else is just out to get me! It's all in my's all in my head...get a hold of yourself Victoria. None of that can be true...can it?

    As one single tear rolls down Victoria's face, the camera crew backs out of Victoria's bedroom, heads down the stairs and out of the house.
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  2. That was pretty awesome.....:happy:
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  3. Kousaki: Victoria Parker actually has a home? Who knew.
  4. Yeah she's all domestic now.
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  5. lmao great segment - as always.
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  6. body count: 0

    this isn't vintage Victoria Parker :((
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  7. Even VP is capable of change...who knew?
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  8. Kudos VP
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  9. That was fucking epic!
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  10. Cray J is the goat of iwt
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  11. :yay: Thanks Danielson
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