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Intercontinental Champion

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  1. Senhor Perfect

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  2. Rodrigo García

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    Below are all the promo cuts entered. If I missed someone please let me know! Vote for who you want to be your Intercontinental Champion of WWE Forums!​

    -You can only vote once.
    -If you vote for yourself, you will be disqualified.
    - Once you make a vote it can no be changed.

    Senhor Perfect
    Show Spoiler

    Your WWE Name: Senhor Perfect
    Heel or Face: Tweener
    Promo Cut:


    When thinking about the past we all remember great men like Lincoln, Churchill, Shakespeare, etc.
    All men who left their mark on this world.
    There was one thing all those men had in common:
    They were not perfect.

    Making history requires two specific things:
    Wanting to do something and having the balls to get it done!
    When it comes to the intercontinental Championship, I want it, and have the balls to do what it takes to get it!

    Now I'm sure there will be plenty of other guys gunning for this strap
    But I can tell you that they don't have what it takes
    Some may be good, some may be great
    But only one can be perfect.

    I'm here to bring prestige and class to the WWEF
    To write a new chapter in the annals of WWEF history
    To leave my mark
    So that everyone knows that I'm the IC champ, and what an honour that is

    No one can bring to the table what I can bring to the table
    Verbally, physically, emotionally
    I'm in a league of my own
    There's really no other choice

    So ask yourself this question:
    When you're thinking of the history of the WWEF Intercontinental Championship, what do you want it to be associated with?
    Mediocrity, greatness or......................Perfection!

    Rodrigo García
    Show Spoiler

    Your WWE Name: Rodrigo García
    Heel or Face: Tweener
    Promo Cut:

    Music hits (Entrance theme :Till I Collapse -Eminem)
    History is written by the victors , and that's what I'm . You may ask why do I consider myself a winner , well it's easy , even if I am the IC Champ , I've work hard my whole life to become a WWE superstar , when i was a kid , my role models were Edge ,Benoit (R.I.P) ,HHH or Jericho , all IC champs during my childhood . Nowdays , the WWE champion is clearly overated , I mean , why should the WWE title match be main event in almost every ppv ? .Do you remember Wm29's pre show ? Yeah , I'm sure u all remember it , me against rey , we clearly stole the show , it was a 30 minutes match with OMFG moments every 5 minutes , defiinetly the match of the year , but... the main event was rock vs cena vs BITW , Cm punk lost his title and cena won the title for the 123456789 time .He didn't deserve that shot but we all know that if u kiss Crayo's ass you can get whatever u want comments.
    Anyway , I've spend dayss at the gym ,I'm staight edge , I didn't take painkillers when kane burnt me alive in that inferno match , but now , now i've reach the top , the WWE IC Championship , and I'm gonna show all my freaking potential , till the WWE universe demands Crayo to admit that the IC Championship is the most important title and that Im the best wrestle ever .
    Im gonna become the face of this company , destroy ryback and retire cena .... and I'm not gonna give up , you are the ones who give me the strenght
    (Fans between the age of 15 to 40 begin to cheer )
  2. Voted Rodrigo.
  3. @[Senhor Perfect], isn't that contradictory though? You're talking about all these great men in history who weren't perfect, but then you say only one can be perfect for the IC Champ. I dunno' it didn't made much sense. Just wanted to understand before I voted.
  4. Who is Rodrigo? Tempted to vote for him for choosing Till I collapse for the theme.
  5. I'm saying those guys were great, did great things, people loved them, but they were not perfect. But only I (in character), am perfect, thus being the only choice for being the champ. Does that help?
  6. Yes, it does. Sorry, I'm just really tired tonight. :dawg:
  7. Not a problem, thanks for the vote!
  8. HAHAHAA :woo1: would be the best entrance music ever!!!


    btw im rodrigo garcia , is just a name like ricardo rodriguez or alberto del rio
  9. Congrats to @[Senhor Perfect] for winning the Intercontinental Championship!

  10. Thanks to all who voted!