Storyline Intercontinental Championship Press Conference

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  1. The IWT logo flashes on the screen as we hear numerous voices of journalists vying for the pivotal first question. The camera fades into a long table where IWT Intercontinental champion Jack Forté sits with a stern look wearing a simple black shirt and a pair of jeans, the Intercontinental Championship rested in front of him. His polar opposite, James Dragon, lays with careless indifference. Wearing a pair of blackout shades and a crisp white suit. Neither of the two seem overly engaged with current affairs, making no real attempt to seek out and answer the onslaught of questions thrown at them, but Michael and various other office officials sit alongside the two men to pick up the slack.

    After some time, the voices are eventually quietened by staff and one writer is selected to ask the first question.

    Reporter: Mr. Forté, John Kelso, Pro Wrestling Insider. I wanted to ask, you’ve talked about how Mr. Dragon may actually be the one to take your title. And made a point of heeding Bishop’s parting words as he left the company. What makes you take on this stance now? And why specifically Dragon?

    Jack Forté: I’m not a stupid man, I've seen what James can do in the ring. What my past challengers have said they were gonna do, he's actually done. Not to mention, I realize that the Bullad Club are one of the driving forces within the IWT right now. They're on a roll, and I realize what I am up against. I have an uphill climb ahead of me, and I am prepared to make the trek. What happens just remains to be seen.

    Reporter: Mr. Dragon, I am Mr. Foreman, with the magazine Pro Wrestling Illustrated. I would like to get a quote about this upcoming bout.

    James Dragon: This bout? Well, not much to say is there, really? I mean.. I don’t. I don’t know if Jack over there is actually with us or if he’s on autopilot.. Ar- Are ya Jack? You there buddy?

    James mockingly clicks his fingers in Forté’s direction. Forté responds with a stern look.

    James Dragon: Alright, he’s with us. I guess, and I speak only for myself of course. But I guess the only thing I can really say about this bout; is that for the first time, probably in his entire life. Jack Forté is at a technical and psychological disadvantage… And he is scared. See that title resting in front of him? That’s the last gasps of a dying man. And i’m gonna put him down. It’s been said before sure, but like the man himself said.

    James Dragon: I deliver.

    There is a murmur amongst the audience as Dragon nonchalantly takes a swig of his glass of water. Jack continues to sit stone faced as another reporter stands up.

    Reporter: Mr. Forté, I’m Morgan Webb with Wrestling Observer. Having defeated, seemingly all comers to your championship. A lot of people have drawn parallels to yourself and Dragon. Given that he’s yet to have a technical loss in IWT. You’ve beaten some of the best talent IWT has to offer, but what is your gameplan going into IWT Anarchy, and do you hope to begin dismantling The Bullad Club by beating James Dragon?

    Jack Forté seemingly ignores the question and stares at James.

    James Dragon: Know what, I’m gonna answer that one if you don’t mind “Champ”. Dismantle us? I don’t know if you watch the show, but we aren’t some thrown together tired hacks. The work ethic and the marquee name value of each of our members, lines YOURS and HIS pockets with gold. So if anybody in that locker room or indeed, Jack Forte wants to try and take a swing at us then I encourage you to try.

    Dragon: You keep sitting there, this gormless expression on your face. I’m supposed to ‘respect’ you? Attack me because you’re a fucking coward who’s been clinging onto that belt like a child for almost a year now-

    Jack Forté interrupts Dragon, visibly frustrated.

    Jack Forté: You done?

    James Dragon: Probably not. But you wanna say something? There’s all these microphones here-

    Jack Forté: I don't want your damn respect, Dragon. Like I said, I know what I am up against. Respect is the last thing I want from you. These reporters want to share my gameplan, and how I go about taking down your club. But really, it's simple. I beat you, just like I beat two of your other pals. I keep my title, at all costs. Me attacking you was a sign of cowardice? Nah, it was a warning. Don't expect a friendly competition, expect a war.

    James Dragon: No, no, no. I’m glad, I’m glad you don’t want me to respect you Jack. But the issue I have is that everybody else here seems to think you’re deserving of it. Lemme ask all of you “reporters” a question. How exactly has a pathetic little worm of a man been the Intercontinental Champion for so long? And I’ll tell ‘em Jack, just you keep seated. It is because even a worm can be a slippery little bastard. And yes, my friends, my extremely talented friends Danny Jacobs and Scott Fargo went up against you and lost. I love those guys like they’re my brothers, but they stood up against you and they saw you as ‘The guy’ the one to beat. All they wanted was to take your title and end your undefeated streak. But I don’t really need that, Jack, my aspirations are more in the department of asserting my authority over people like you. Who say that you want to start a war, but all you’ve done is jumped me after not so subtly talking about how terrified you are at the prospect of facing me.

    James Dragon: I’m not Bishop, Nick or anybody else. You know all that. But I’m not even like Danny or Scott. I’m James Dragon. Bar none, I’ve been the best wrestler in the IWT. I don’t give a shit about the IW3, Schizo, Hale, whoever. It has been, and always will be. About me. Hell, i’ll probably superimpose a giant picture of my face over that title when I win it, cause believe me I’m planning on erasing every single trace of your existence, little by little. You’ve heard it all before,I know. But I say things and they happen. It’s actually a little scary.

    Reporter: James have you-

    James Dragon: Shut. The fuck. Up.

    James Dragon: I don’t care about them Jack.

    James stands up, pulling up one of the microphones with him and causing several staff members to stand and detain him.

    James Dragon: I care about you! I care about ending your reign. Not for the glory of it. But so that this company is dragged kicking and screaming, if necessary, into a golden age it’s long needed! You pathetic little-

    Jack stands up himself prompting the officials to split into two groups to stand in front of both Forte and Dragon.

    Forté talks over the minor altercation, loud enough for everyone to him without a mic.

    Jack Forté: Talking about bringing the golden age into the IWT? Say that happens, say that it does! I’ll still be here, you're not getting rid of my ass Dragon! It'd only be the beginning.

    Dragon shakes his head and begins walking off, he then suddenly lunges forward, being held back by several officials as Jack looks to return in kind. The two are held back and escorted away from each other as the camera zooms in on the Intercontinental Championship left lying on the desk.

    We fade to black.

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