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  1. A camera zooms in on Victoria as she's walking in the dark woods in an undisclosed location. As she comes up near an entrance to what looks like a dark cave, Victoria signals to the camera to come closer. A dark, sinister smirk is on her face as she lets out a dark chuckle. She looks directly into the camera as she begins to speak.

    Victoria: Well, here I am, still a free woman roaming the world not stuck in any confines of a padded cell. Despite being very grateful for my freedom, the IWT Championship match didn't end the way I wanted it to. The title should have been back with me, but at the end of the day, Aids and I put on the match of the century. Our feud was legendary and the stakes couldn't have been higher. I put it all on the line - even his family - and I couldn't be more pleased with what I was willing to do to have that title. Don't you worry IWT Universe, I'll be back with another title in my sights and I'll be ready to destroy anyone in my path. A woman with my strength and conviction should always have a title to show for it.

    Victoria looks down at her hands, cracks her knuckles as they're shown in fists. A wild, dark look crosses her face before she continues again.

    Victoria: But, before I pursue any titles, there are some people in particular that are next on my hit list. The members of The Order got their noses in my business. To capitalize off of the best match of the year, The Order decided to ruin what plans I had for Aids and his family and do whatever they could to put the eyes of the entire world on them. Not only that, but they preyed on me and attacked me when I was not prepared to defend myself.

    A dark smile goes across Victoria's face.

    Victoria: A part of me is very flattered. Britanica has spent the majority of her career trying to be a successful copy of yours truly. Now she's leading a group of deranged lunatics, which reminds me of my days when I was a leader of my very own tag teams. And, even when I was in the asylum, she had some 'crazy' tactics of her own to use and manipulate people like ArabHammer and Trip to do her bidding. Now everyone wants to hop on the crazy train and join any group that will make them stand out among all the other wrestlers in the IWT.

    Victoria starts to pace a little bit in front of the cave entrance.

    Victoria: But, you see, NO ONE can outdo the original. Why did all these new crazy, unhinged characters surface? BECAUSE OF ME! I was making it popular to be insane, to show the world that you can be a complete badass and literally harm anyone you want. And, who tried to capitalize on the newest fad to be crazy? THE ORDER! Because I am the original, I am always going to be two steps ahead of all of you.

    Victoria smirks and walks into the dimly lit cave, petting Fenris as she walks by.

    Victoria: You thought your lair was hidden from the world, that your intentions are unknown and unpredictable to anyone in the outside world. But, you've forgotten who you're dealing with. You made one MASSIVE mistake when you attacked me. I'll always be watching, looking to destroy ALL of you from the inside. I will pick you all off one by one until there isn't a single one of you left. If you wanted a fight *Victoria lets out a demonic laugh* well, you've got one. None of you are safe from the wrath of Victoria Parker. Oh, and by the way - I hope you enjoy what I've done with the place.

    Victoria pushes past the camera as the camera pans out, looking at the trashed lair of The Order.
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  2. OOC: Did we ruin some plans with the family? That was all me lol. Well done btw. :obama: Some guard dog Fenris turned out to be HA
  3. Kaizer: I wonder what ever happened to her killing two people...meh.
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