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    *Lee comes out to a mixed reaction, he's wearing a suit and chewing gum, but a seemingly friendly smile across his face, perhaps contradicting the tone of music pulsating through the speakers of the arena as he walks down the ramp with his X-Treme title proudly around his arm.*

    Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, how was your weekend? If it was good then give me a "ye-ha", no actually...a "LEE-HA". Can you do that?

    *70% of the fans shout "LEE-HA"*

    Lee: Well, a fair few of you at least enjoyed your days of rest from the sometimes brutal ways of employment...
    Regardless, we may now go on to discuss the reasons of why I'm out here. Now, I asked you about your weekends because...I wanted to know how people had a good weekend like me. Actually, I didn't have a good weekend. No, me, I had an AMAZING weekend!

    I visited Japan for the first time....and people, let me say it was "peak" in terms of enjoyment. I made this cheeky little adventure because a Japanese e-fed invited me to be the English speaking commentator there for a PPV...and you know me, or should I say...."You know Lee!"

    *Lee smirks as you can hear "ba-dum-tss" be played through the speakers in the arena*

    Lee: So, obviously I accepted the offer, and after all the nightclubs, drinks and women...the show began. Now, I'm not the biggest Puro guy to be honest, so a lot of it didn't tickle my fancy buuuuuuut suddenly...A familiar face came across my eyes..... Now, you may remember that we once had a Japanese superstar known as DRAGON Michinoku!

    *Mild-Moderate pop from the crowd*

    Well, he was at this show and....My God! I thought the he had potential in IWT, but....WOW! If you thought he was decent back in the day then...You're in a filthy lil' exotic treat. I witnessed him absolutely KILL IT, and I'm proud as punch to call play-by every single filthy maneuver he had in his Puro box o' tricks.

    So, without a further ado, the man I convinced to return is HERE TONIGHT!! DRAGON...It's time to re-acquaint yourselves with the IWT Universe!!!

    *Lee excitedly points to the stage, awaiting the re-arrival. The crowd seem eager to see how the return unfolds.*
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  2. *Lee's phone rings, Lee gets it out from his suit pocket and answers it*

    Lee: Hello....What?WHAT? Plane delays? He's "too honourable" for a private jet? Hmmmm. No matters.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I apologise for le delays. While we wait for the Asian sensation to make his way to the arena...Enjoys these cheeky commercials

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  3. Back from the denchest of dench commercials, we begin hearing a single drum being pounded on, reminiscent of the first time DRAGON showed up in IWT. The camera zooms in on the pitch black IWTitantron as red strokes form the name "DRAGON Michinoku" on the screen.

    As the music begins playing, the red DRAGON Michinoku on the tron fades into a golden DRAGON King. Those who remember cheer as DRAGON steps out in front of the IWT crowd and moves down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope to greet Lee with a handshake and Lee hands over his microphone. DRAGON begins to speak in near perfect english, with a think accent.

    "I apologize for the delays, Lee. I must admit I didn't expect to be so...remembered...truly heartwharming. I'm not going to lie, I have fond memories of this company. The last time I stood in this ring, back in April, it was after losing in the finals of the X Division Number 1 Contender Tournament. After I lost, I knew, everybody knew that I lost my ways. I couldn't keep up. So I went back to Japan. I worked harder than I ever have before. That's when Mister Lee here, noticed how much I have improved and put in my head that I should come back. But, Mister Lee..I know your deal. I know that you see me as a marketing potential. You want to get the credit for the company making money off of me."

    DRAGON gives a smirking Lee a stern look.

    "I am not here to be a money maker for you, I am not just an easy way for you to look better in the eyes of those who are in charge, I came back to do what I originally intended to do when I first arrived here. To prove to the world that I am not just a Japanese legend and that I can be successful wherever the wind takes me. But all those months ago, I didn't possess the skills I possess now to do what I wanted to, but now I do. I have changed. DRAGON Michinoku burned to ash and from those ashes a King rose. And a king seeks a throne."​
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  4. *Lee takes in what DRAGON King had to day, he politely coughs into his hand, clearing his throat*

    Lee: Well... I would be lying if I said I didn't want my eye for talent and motivation to improve the company to be ignored. Understand that while I will closely observe as if you're my marketing project, I will still be viewing as a legitimate competitor...and how could I not with the quality at your disposal? Although, the sentiment is shared, just because I see potential in you and want to see you thrive...doesn't mean I'm going to go out of my way to help make your life easier around here. I won't be interfering in your matches or be at ringside cheering you on. With that in mind, I guess it's fortunate that you're the type of person to refuse assistance.
    I hope you're the King you make yourself out to be, if you don't your fans will be rather wishing for a republic instead....

    Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the announcement, thank you all for being here for this significant event. Years from now....You will remember me, the guy who brought Puro to IWT...that guy Lee!

    *Lee smirks, meanwhile DRAGON King gives a cold stare at Lee*

    Oh, and will remember the beast besides me for all the greatness he'll bring to you, just you wait IWT Universe. Thank you and GOODNIGHT!

    *Lee and DRAGON make their way out of the ring and up the ramp, the crowd applaud them as they do so. At the top of the ramp, they shake hands while looking out towards the crowd in front of them*