Storyline Interview about Farooq's match at Slammys

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  1. *Farooq is shown in the interview section backstage with black boots, black suit pants, a tucked in silver business shirt, a brown sports coat and a dark brown cowboy hat*

    Micheal Cole: I'm here with former X Division champion Farooq, looking to take on the current X Division champion in a non title match at the Slammys. Farooq, tell me your thoughts on your opponent.

    Farooq: What is there to say? David, the strongest man to come out of the Cure, the longest reigning X Division champion, and possibly one of the best current champions. It'll be a tough challenge, but I'll beat him. He says that I lost to every single person I fought? Maybe that's because I actually fought lots of matches too, and you know I guess the many that I won slipped from his mind, pretty funny isn't it? I'm the guy who comes elevates people's careers, and that I do. When I get into the ring with anybody, the match always is high class, high ratings, because I bust my ass making sure it looks good. I fight, fight, fight, bleed and still fight some more, do you know why? Because nobody else is gonna fight for me, I fight for myself. When I was a kid, in school, no one would help me. I got my ass kicked, by the bigger kids, but you know what, I kicked my fair share of ass too. I got up everytime, looked them in the eye with a smile and said, "is that it?" and I got hit again. and again. and again, until they got to tired to hit, and they walked away. I have fought for myself, it's always been like that, and will always be. When me and David fight, it'll be because of the fighting passion that's in my soul, the burning fire that erupts from my heart, when we take punches at each other, and when the night is over. Whichever one of us wins, I will look at David and say..... *Farooq looks into the camera and says* Is that it?
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  2. OOC Nice promo, you beat me brah.
  3. *David takes the mic away from Michael Cole and telling him to run away. David and Farooq are looking face to face*

    David: You may not believe me much Farooq, but whenever you say something. I listen real good, because I know you're a veteran here, hell you're an icon. But whatever you are, I'm just that much better, Farooq. I'm not going to say things that have already been said, because these fans know our history, they know about how I sent you straight to the unemployment line where you also failed in your movies. Farooq, throughout your life, you've been facing your demons and giving them a fight. You've never backed down and I respect you for that, but a lot has changed since you were a kid many MANY years ago, and a lot has changed since you were in IWT. While you ran off with your tail in between your legs, I picked up the slack and made a name for the mid-card of this division. It's no longer people like you who are carrying guys like me, and believe me Farooq, I appreciating you putting me on the map, but there's no space for you any more. You once had your touch but you lost it all when you hit rock bottom and left this company. And as much as you want to believe you are still important, you really aren't. You're a flash from the past, a reminiscence of what was once a great man, now crippled in a ball and is nothing. Don't get me wrong though, if you want to stay a while, that's fine. But in our match, I'm not going to go lightly. I'm going to beat you, I'm going to break you, and most of all I will cripple you, and you won't be able to chant any of your stupid chants like "is that all", because you'll be begging for it to end. You are a former X-Division champion, but deep down I see an old haggard man who never amounted to anything in life, so stands here before me praying to god that somehow he will win, somehow he won't let the "fans" down like he has multiple times before, but deep deep down in his black heart, knows he just can't, and will never be able to get the job done. Come Slammies Farooq, I'll finally put you out of your misery.

    *David tries walking away, but Farooq grabs him back and punches him. The two brawl, until security men break it up*​
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