Storyline Interview for MITB

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  1. Bubble Cheeks is seen going to the back. He gets stopped by Renee Young.

    RY: Hello...ummm....Bubble Cheeks...

    BC: Please, let me reintroduce myself. *takes his face off, revealing that it was a mask*

    RY: Wait...what the...

    BC: Call me, Robert Hirax, millionaire and of course buyer of Farooq's contract when he retired.

    RY: What...I'm confused....what's with the...

    RH: *putting on black suit pants and a white dress shirt* I did it for the attention of course. I mean, really who do you think paid for Farooq's contract? It was myself. A twerker, in IWT, honestly are you really that stupid? Don't answer that you're a blonde.

    RY: *getting angry*

    RH: *puts on black suit jacket and dress shoes* Of course I wanted to fool everybody, thinking that they had no competition. Everybody has a price, and the Hardcore title is going to land right in my hands. Now go do what you do... go act stupid somewhere or bathe in the sun. Whatever you white girls do. *laughs and walks away*
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