Storyline Interview With Alias Antonio.

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  1. *A camera backstage zooms in on Alias Antonio walking down the hallway with procrastination, shaking and cracking his neck. He stops at the sound of footsteps and swiftly turns around, staring at the camera man with an eccentric smirk. He proceeds to shake the camera man's hands*

    Alias: Do this, do this quick.

    *The interviewer tensely nods his head*

    Interviewer: Errm....uhm.....ok, ok. To-tomorrow on Uprising, you battle it out with friend turned foe, in-in a highly anticipated hardcore submission match. Ha-have you got final words for your former tag partner before th-the big bout?

    Alias Antonio: That was a very well articulated sentence, like a certain "friend turned foe" of mine would say. Just lose the nerves kiddo, I ain't going to hurt you. If I did do that, what would be the point of fighting Ben Dover in a hardcore submission match tomorrow? I'm saving up all my excitement, all of my energies, all of it. Because tomorrow, I'll be letting all of that out, along with all the anger, the fury, the wrath, the passion, the choler, the temper, the ire, the indignation, the acrimony, the animosity, the hostility, the hatred, the resentment, the outrage, the irascibility, the displeasure, the irritation, the impatience, the vexation, the annoyance, the antagonism, the hot blood, the agitation, the frenzy, the umbrage, the disapprobation, the petulance, the dudgeon and much more that I have been hiding in a dark, abysmal heart.

    *Interviewer appears perplexed*

    Ben, you've always wanted to discover new stuff, and tomorrow you will discover the things I've been holding in very deeply for a long period of time. It's time you face the consequences Ben, and win or lose, I'm going to be glad of the beating I'll inflict onto you. And if you decide to fight with your tail not between your legs, I will gladly, and I mean gladly, receive the beating of my life aswell. This is a war Ben, get ready.

    Interviewer:.............well.......OK. One more question, with people like Dat Kid and Rodrigo already having plans for the Royal Rumble, by plans I mean announcing their entries, one has to wonder if you have any pre-planned ideas for the Rumble?

    *Alias laughs*

    Alias: People have said on numerous occasions now that I should have capitalized on Aids when I had him at his weakest, capture his title, and that never really crossed my mind back then. But now? Hell yeah, I've been thinking about how sweet it would be to win that IWT title, especially from Aids Johnson. That thought has been on my mind ever since people started putting it in my mind. So fuck yeah, I'm entering the fucking Rumble this year, and I have a pretty good fucking chance. Hope you're having fun Aids, because it won't last long.

    Interviewer: Thanks for your time Alias......

    Alias: Whatever.

    *Alias walks off with a big grin*
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