Interview with Chrysalis after attack on Nick

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  1. "Hello!" The interviewer says with a smile on his face, "My guest tonight, is none other then the newest addition to the Alliance, Chrysalis!"

    Chrysalis walks into the interview area, her hair long and dark green with a dark black cloak covering her body. No face paint on her face, just black lipstick. She glares at the interviewer, causing him to become uncomfortable. "We-Well, what do you have to say to the crowd about...j-joining the Alliance?" He asks her as he gives her the microphone. "Get rid off him and bring in the proper interviewer." She says as the lights suddenly go out.

    "Hey! Who are all of you! A-AHH!!! Someone call secr....mmppphh....." The lights suddenly come on, and Chrysalis is where she was before, but a figure in black is where the interviewer was before.


    "That is better....a much more....professional interview now. Ask away dear." Chrysalis says with a chuckle. "Yes, now to begin, why did you join the Alliance?" The man asked her, handing the microphone over to her. "Well, after defeating Jacob I was left with an odd path to go. I was thinking of going after the 'crazy' IWT champion here after she won, but it's just not that time yet. Another idea was burying Jacob beneath the ground, but it seemed like such a waste of ground to dig up. I was still thinking, until Adam confronted me and gave me the offer. It was odd, but needed. An alliance, yes a pun, is something that would help around here. So thus, they needed someone strong and I fit that part. I had no feelings towards Nick at all, I took his part in the team, and he was disposed. That's my only story with the team I am apart of."

    "A terrific answer." The man says as he is given the microphone back by Chrysalis, "Now for the second question, what is your plans for the near future in the IWT as part of the Alliance?" Chrysalis takes the microphone back and begins to speak once more, "My plans, is to take out anyone in my way. I am not just here to fight, I am here to end careers. I am here to bury everyone under ground, because that's where they belong. To be one with the ground my feet step on, nothing more."

    "Now for that seems to be all the time we have, we thank you for being apart of this interview." The man says as he bowed, putting down the microphone and walking away with Chrysalis. The camera pans over to a casket on the left side of the room, one of the workers goes over and opens it. Inside is the interviewer that was attacked. He is knocked out, his face is painted to show tears and a sad face and a sign is on his chest saying, "HAIL SATAN!" As the workers back up, multiple figures in black, dressed exactly like the one who interviewed Chrysalis surround the worker. The camera is turned away as screaming can be heard. "HELP!!! SOMEONE STOP THEM!!! AHHH!!" The screamings stop as Chrysalis is shown holding the camera. "If you're not sided with me, you'll be sided underground." She says with a laugh as she smashes the camera on the ground.
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