Interview With Coleman

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  1. A camera appears and shows two men. One man has a mic in his hand and looks to be an interviewer. The other man is Edward Coleman.

    Interviewer: "Ladies and Gentleman, I'm here with IWT Superstar Edward Coleman. My question for you Coleman is since you haven't had your first match yet, and I would like to know is who you want to face first in IWT?"

    Coleman: "Well it doesn't really matter who I face. I can defeat anyone who steps in my way. I said this once and will say it again, I'm the greatest man ever. I've beaten many men in my wrestling career and will beat more guys as I move on in IWT. Soon, I will win my debut match here and will make my way to the World Championship match. I don't care who is the champion when I reach that time, I will defeat the World Champion and become World Champion. Then IWT will enter the Edward Coleman Era!"

    Coleman leaves as the camera fades.
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