Storyline Interview with Dexx after loss to Dover

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  1. *Backstage in the parking lot, Dexx Duggan is getting ready to leave, really pissed*
    Interviewer: *Runs after him * Excuse Me De-
    Dexx: WHAT? What do you possibly want?
    Dexx: Spit it out
    Int: ...Your thought on your first match and first loss...
    Dexx: ...Thoughts, oh i'll give you my thoughts mate! That was my first singles match in the IWT! It was against a guy who thinks he's at the same status as Barney Stenson! He's wearing angel wings, he's posing for Brazzers, going around with a sleezy Bend Over for Dover catch phrase, he's FUCKING all kinds of porn celebrities, he's apart of a wreslting faction and you really expect a guy with that description to wrestle???? AND I LOSE TO THAT GUY? My opponent for Uprising was watching, thank god he was takin out by that weird ass whats his face to see that, but he's in a TABLES MATCH with that man! I seem like a little weakling like this going into Uprising mate! Now this isn't just for Dover this is for The Cure, I know I didn't wanna get involved in this business mate, but now. ... ... ... THIS ISN'T OVER. *Walks over to a Black Jeep, its his, drives out of the arena*
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