Storyline Interview with Duke Nukem on the Highlight Reel

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  1. Chris Jericho: I was watching IWT the other day and i realised there was something missing from it, something that every great brand in wrestling has and thats a cool talk show where you the fans get here the truth from the superstars them selves and who better to deliver these interviews than me chris jericho so without further ado Duke Nukem come out here *gestures towards the ramp*
    *Music hits and duke walks into the ring holding a microphone*
    Chris Jericho: Welcome to the debut episode of the highlight reel on IWT duke
    Duke Nukem: Thank you for having me on chris
    Chris Jericho: i will get straight down to business, soon you will have a match against none other then the double x factor dexx duggan how do you rate your chances in that match?
    Duke Nukem: I think i have a very good chance of winning me and dexx have faced of against each other before it was fairly even between us but i have him well scouted now, i know it will be great match for all the fans i think dexx knows that i am that little bit more determined to win then him, the chairman may fabour him but when it comes down to us being in the ring he can't help you then.
    Chris Jericho: Fighting talk there Duke we all know how it feels to have an ass clown of a boss aswell, what do you think of the rumours that there is currently a split in the boardroom here at IWT and do you or any of the other guys fear for your job?
    Duke Nukem: I don't know if theres any truth in it chris but if there is i am sure it will get resolved amicably and we all get to keep our jobs, If not i am sure i am talented enough to get a job elsewhere.
    Chris Jericho: What do you think of this stable the cure? do you think they are as tough as they would like to think or are they just not tough enough to hang on there own?
    Duke Nukem: I am glad you asked me this chris, i personally believe they go for strength in numbers they are all to chicken to try and make it on there own in the business so they hide behind each other, the only thing that needs curing round here is the herpes on nicks face, I hope gav the chav shows them they are not all that.
    Chris Jericho: Well with words like that looks like you could embroil yourself in a feud, anything else to say about IWT or anyone else on the roster?
    Duke Nukem: Yeah Nick you got lucky in that battle royal after i kick dexx dugans scrawny ass back to stinking shack in australia i am coming for you ya ugly son of a bitch.
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  2. Time for retaliation from last Monday
    *Dexx Duggan comes in through the crowd and attacks Duke from behind, Jericho watches, crowd is in a frenzy, he kicks Duke while he's down, Duggan looks at Jericho, grabs Mic*
    Dexx: *Looks at Jericho* Now I don't give any fucks about management as long as its my way, as for him *points at the down Nukem* if anyone is more determined in this match it's me, his ass is mine next week *Throws mic down, exits ring, walks up ramp, few Duggan champs Duggan turns around stares at Jericho and Duke and walks backwards up the ramp and leaves*
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  3. *Duke gets up*
    Is that it? you come and sneak attack me from behind this is exactly what i was talking about before your a fucking pussy. Well that is fine dexx everyone just saw how much of a coward you are go and hide behind the general manager and if i see you around don't be suprised if you get a steel chair to the back of the head.
    Chris jericho: Your lucky you didn't break the jeritron 3000 if you did you know i would of jumped all over your head.
    *Duke leaves*
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  4. OOC: Nice job, i didn't wanna take it too far though so early though which is why didn't slam you into the Jeritron, I was thinking that for a minute
  5. OOC: i was sort of hoping the jeritron got smashed somehow lol never mind there is always another time. I think the build up to our match has been really good so far.
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  6. *Duke nukem is walking round backstage with a steel chair*
    Where the hell is that australian twat i want to make an example of him *walks into dexx's locker room and looks around* dexx where the hell are you yellow bellied little bitch