Storyline Interview with Farooq on OSU

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  1. Farooq is shown in the weight room of IWT, pumping iron. In the background, some rookies could be seen, Kaizer sleeping on the bench and a janitor. "Hello Farooq?" John Avery, a interviewer says as he approaches Farooq. Farooq sets the weights down, and sits down. Sweat covering his shirt and face as he wipes his forehead. "Yeah? Need something?" He asks as he drinks some water. "Mind if you do a quick interview? Strictly on OSU?" Avery asks. "Oklahoma State University? I don't really give a fuc--" "Old School Rising." "Oh....well shoot." Farooq says.

    JA: As being one of the oldest members, one of the first group that has started and stayed with the company, what do you think of IWT as a whole?
    Farooq: Hmm, well it's wrestling. We fight, win or lose, train harder and come back the next day. The competition and people make it fun. We push ourselves to the limit, and when you win, it's just a heavy relief. A relief knowing that you did your best and came out on top. When you lose though, it's like seeing a pet die. You get hurt, and it breaks your mood, and it sometimes makes you feel worthless or crappy. You have two choices at that, either leave IWT or improve and train, then continue to fight, and hopefully become better.

    JA: Interesting words. Now, you have never been a world Champion, but you have held every title excluding the Intercontinental and tag team champion. How does it feel, knowing when people look at the midcard, they see you for holding nearly all those titles?
    Farooq: I don't care.
    *awkward pause for 10 seconds.*
    JA: Is...that it?
    Farooq: Yes. I don't care, and wouldn't care if they saw me in IWT or world championship reigns either. I'm not here to be remembered, I'm here to fight. People are forgotten all the time, and some remembered. People have heroes to motivate them, and that's good for them. Myself? I choose to fight for myself.

    JA: Hmm, didn't expect that kind of answer...
    Farooq: I would expect that. *chuckles and hands Avery a cigar* No offense to you though, you're just doing your job.
    JA: *takes the cigar and puts it in his shirt pocket* Haha, well thanks. Last question, what do you think of your opponent, Sackfist?
    Farooq: *chuckles* Thought you were going to ask me the generic question if I could beat him. *laugh* What do I think of him though? He's an opponent, a very strong opponent. I've met him in the ring many times, but the past is gone. Just like I could analyze our last fights, so can he. He has the advantage of learning from his mistakes, I have the disadvantage of having to improve on my own. He is the scissors that cuts the paper of scanning, since he can tear through this match easier...but, I'm the rock that topples his scissors. I'm not going to lose, I'm going to win. That's if you don't mind... *reaches under the bench, pulling out a vintage Public Enemy Farooq shirt out* I have a match to attend to. *puts the shirt on and walks out of the weight room*
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