Interview with Marcus Anthony

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  1. *Marcus Anthony is seen backstage on a cell phone in his locker room and a camera man and Renee Young approach him.*

    Marcus: I understand. It will be done.

    *Marcus turns his attention to Renee*

    Marcus: Ever hear of knocking?

    Renee: I'm sorry Marcus I didn't mean

    Marcus: Just cut the crap already. What is it that you want, I got better things to do.

    Renee: With your US title match in just a few short days, what's going through your mind?

    Marcus:What's going through my mind? Wow. I'm sure all the people following AMW, want to know what I'm thinking. But you know what I'll bite. *laughs* This is the first main event in the history of AMW. The first opportunity to bring gold to The Order. These simpletons all around think we are nothing but a pack of wolves that don't know anything. I'm glad that's how they think. Because what WE are, hasn't been seen before. Now onto my opponents, Bruce Knight. He had the main event handed to him when he was matched with Adam Hawk. That's essentially bye because he was no threat. Then we have a wanna Zoolander who worries about if his baby oil for his abs is organic or not. Finally we come to Dat Kid. The man that can't fight alone. He buys the loyalty of street thugs to do his bidding. Such feeble minded people like that tend to have their story's end tragically. *Marcus looks down for a second and then looks up and stares at Renee and then into the camera* I'm a man who goes by many names. My birth name Marcus Anthony, some call me the Phoenix, and others call me a menace. At the end of the night, you WILL ALL call me the US champion. *Marcus grabs a bag and leaves the locker room*
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