Storyline Interview With Marcus

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  1. *A cameraman and interviewer walk into the locker room and see Marcus Anthony punching a heavy bag. Marcus glances over at the two that entered and continues to hit the bag. The interviewer approaches with caution*

    Interviewer: Excuse me Marcus, can you answer a few questions for us?

    *Marcus stops hitting the bag and turns his head towards the interviewer*

    Marcus: Can't you see I'm busy?

    *Marcus starts hitting the bag again and the interviewer puts his hand on his shoulder*

    Interviewer:please, just a cou-

    *Marcus grabs the interviewer by the neck and shoves him into a seat*


    *Marcus takes the wraps off of his hands and has a seat*

    Marcus: Well...

    Interviewer: Since your return to IWT, how do you feel you performed on your comeback?

    Marcus: *looks around* Did you not see what I did? Yeah, I was the first elimination in the survivor series match but it was on my own accord. I STOMPED THAT MAILMAN INTO OBLIVION. Seeing the look on everyone's face was more than worth it.

    Interviewer: Don't you feel like you let IWT down by getting yourself dq'd?

    Marcus: Do I feel like I let IWT down? Do I FEEL LIKE I LET IWT...DOWN. Aids had no problem going in the ring and finishing off that immobile postal reject within seconds. I did what I said I was gonna do and destroy.

    Interviewer:How do you feel about the turn of events with your good friend and former stablemate Trip?

    Marcus: You know, he's gonna do what he needs to do. Did I worry about his car wreck? Why would I? That man lives in destruction. What you should all worry about is him unleashing is rage on someone.

    Interviewer: Last question, what's next?

    *Marcus hits the bag a few more times and knocks it down with a kick and then turns around*

    Marcus: What's next?! Really that's the last question?! All I can say is that everyone will know soon enough. *Marcus grabs a towel and wipes his sweat off of his face* Now get out of here while you can still do so on your own accord.
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