Storyline Interview with Rodrigo

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  1. *Rodrigo is shown at backstage sitting on a metal chair with his hood on*

    Interviewer: Last time we saw you in action, you lost against the Cure, any thoughts?
    Rodrigo: ......
    Interviewer: What does that mean? I mean, you gotta be sad, losing again, at a big PPV...Your fans cant be really proud of you

    *Rodrigo stands up and takes his hood off*

    Rodrigo: You know what? I'm sorry...I'm sorry if I let everyone down but the Cure was the best team that night. The Crusade is over, I'm Rodrigo again. And you, Jonathan, The Cure... YOU CAN ALL SUCK MY DICK ​


    *Rodrigo puts his hood on and leaves the arena*​
  2. OOC: Yawn.
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