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  1. First post here; I'm 18 years old, and loved WWE since maybe 98/99, growing up watching the tail of the Attitude Era and then the whole of the "Ruthless Aggression" era, I did stop when it went into that super kid stage, but returned just before the birth of the CM Punk-John Cena storyline, you know the one, and have watched weekly ever since. The reason I joined to the forum, is just for some conversation with true fans with a true love of the art of wrestling and sports entertainment.

    I come back to the Punk-Cena storyline, and the original idea of the thread "intrigue" when was the last time a storyline really hooked you? And you really couldn't wait to see where it was going? Off of the top of my head, this may be it. And considering the WWE, don't seem to want to push the better wrestlers in the company, you'd think that the story telling and drama aspect would be perfect, but it's not. Bryan joining the Wyatt's looked like it could go somewhere, but I didn't feel like it ended satisfyingly as a story, though that match was awesome, one of the best I've seen in ages.

    Then there's the problem of the best wrestlers, have little character depth. What's going to happen to Seth Rollins when the Shield splits? I could see the character in Dean Ambrose, the kinda creepy, cocky, twisted guy, but how will it play and what would a story involve? In my opinion, Cody Rhodes is being wasted in the tag team division with Goldust, it was cool for 2-3 weeks, but then I got bored. Should he go singles again, where would he be? What would he do? I didn't like his "pretty boy" persona, it just didn't warm to me at all, I think he can be a good face, but what can he do to be original?

    I love watching wrestling, but WWE's persistence in choosing power over quality is just getting boring. I like Roman Reigns, but I'm not sure he's good enough in ring to be getting the push he has been, how many moves does he have? The superman punch and the spear? Whereas the other two in the Shield both have ability but will undoubtedly be middle card guys. Batista? Really? People like this guy? I hate it when people come back and don't want to wrestle week in, week out, at least Chris Jericho does.
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