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  1. *Trip in the Head is shown exiting the dressing area of his office in a fancy dark grey suit. As he approaches his desk his straightens his tie one last time and sits down at the desk, addressing the camera*

    TRIP: Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the earliest version of the new IWT. MY IWT as I have begun to see it. Changes are happening everywhere. Some are being highly praised and universally accepted, others having doubts cast upon them like shadows. Well I am in front of you all here tonight to inform you that I shall be present for this show to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. And my presence shall be felt. I guarantee that. I have an announcement concerning the new and improved IWT Hardcore title. All you IWT newcomers better keep a bright eye on this belt because it will be the perfect way to get your name known here and climb up the ranks quick - if you can hold on to the belt that is. But that is a discussion for later. Either Majour or Farooq will be the first to hear the stipulations of being the hardcore champion once one of them emerges victorious in one of our shows openers this evening. *Trip pauses for a second* Imagine if Farooq holds onto his hardcore belt AND beats Joey Bryant for the IWT title. I wonder if people will finally take notice of him then? *Trip shakes his head* But I digress. I also have a big announcement about the MITB matches that will be taking place in a couple of weeks! Thats right - matchessssss. I figure, we have 2 main event belts right? So each one should get its own MITB match. Line up IWT'ers because here is your chance to shine. You better show me what you got tonight if you want into one of these once in a lifetime matches too, but more on that later as well. *Trip pauses for a moment again* Now I think there was something else I wanted to address.......

    *Just then there is a knock at Trip in the Heads door. He looks puzzled for a moment and raises an eyebrow for the camera :rock:*

    TRIP: Come in.

    *The door opens and it is revealed to be Aiden Ryan knocking on Trip's door*

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  2. "Sup GM."
    'Aiden Ryan' slowly steps into Trip's office with his hands behind his back.
    With a slight smile he begins to speak

    "I just wanted to congratulate you on your first pay per view as General Manger. We've known eachother for quite sometime and I just can't help but be absolutely thrilled by the success you've received. So, with that being said I decided to make things a little easier for you. "

    He brings his arms around and places a foam takeaway box on Trip's desk.
    He smiles and nods.

    "It's just some warm pasta that I whipped up and I figured you would enjoy it. It saves you time and you don't have to leave the office Which is win/win right?"

    "However...speaking of winning... "

    He takes a deep breath in and sighs.

    "With my ladder match with Parker, I really want to add a different stipulation on there. He has literately put me through such hell and you know, I guess I'm kinda sick of it.

    The contract shouldn't be if he stays within IWT or not. I think the contract should be something electrifying.
    So... I was wondering if the contract could grant me or Parker the opportunity to be in a qualifier match to see who will advance to Money In The Bank? What'da think?"

    He stands there awaiting for the general mangers response in a nervous manner.
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  3. *Trip in the Head smiles at 'Aiden' as he accepts the foam takeaway box*

    TRIP: Why thank you Aiden. You know, since Aids had me out there all early when I got to the area I didn't get a chance to eat, so I'll have some of this in a minute. But first, to show you my gratitude, I shall grant you your request. The winner of your 'contract' ladder match will get placed in the MITB ladder match of my choosing. Hows that sound? *Before Aiden can answer* Ok, so get a move on so I can eat already. This smells too good to wait.​

    *'Aiden' smiles deviously and shakes his head, having gotten what he wanted, snickering under his breath as he leaves. Trip opens the foam box and breathes deep, savoring the smell*

    TRIP: Oh this smells delicious. EGt some utensils you guys. *A set of plastic utensils in a bag fly in from off camera and Trip rips open the package, using the salt and pepper packets on the food before taking his first bite* Damn that's good. * He takes a another bite and then has a drink* Oh boy, Aiden Ryan knows how to please, yes in deed. *Just then Trip notices something moving in the box. He looks confused and moves in closer. HE quickly discovers that Aiden's gift of dinner is full of worms! Live writhing wiggling earthworms! Trip's eyes grow wide as he stops mid chew, his jaw droppin when he realizes what has happened. He quickly pushes back from his desk, the wheels on his chair allowing him to move quickly. He grabs his trash ca and spits what was left in his mouth out, raking at his tongue with his fingers* OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! That little piece of shit fed me WORMS! Oh lets just test the GM shall we Aiden? OK. You need an example made out of you eh? YOU! *Trip points off camera* Get me Aiden Ryan back in here, NOW!​

    *The help leaves to find Aiden as Trip takes a few more drinks from his glass, swallowing quickly with a look of disgust on his face. A few moments later Aiden is lead into the room not seeming to know what is going on*

    TRIP: OH you think this is funny? Oh you'll get that MITB match spot stipulation added to your ladder match, but you know what? That "contract" is going to be hanging an extra 10 feet up in the air. Good luck getting to THAT contract to pull it down, HA! *Trip throws the tainted meal at Aiden who looks on slackjawed*

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  4. The tainted food lands on Aiden Ryan who spots worms crawling on his shirt. With a slight panic Aiden struggles to flick the excess food that had landed upon him.

    "Ugh Wh.. what is your problem!?"

    Aiden continuously tries to flick the nasty filled concoction off of himself while Trip In The Head lectures him on his "attempt' to provoke the general manger. Standing there in disgust and confusion Aiden Ryan is in absolute disbelief of what he is hearing.
    "I can't believe you just threw that all over me. I have no idea what you are even on about right now but what..."

    "GET. OUT. OF. MY. OFFICE! "

    "But, Trip"


    "I Don't underst.."

    The Enraged General Manger shouts as Aiden Ryan shakes his head and walks to the door.
    Closing the do.or behind him Aiden tilts his head to the side in confusion.

    Scratching the back of his head he says to himself


    He turns around and opens the door.

    "Wait what do you mean Money In The Bank Qualif..."

    Before Aiden could finish an item comes flying towards him.
    Closing the door in a fast pace the item shatter as Aiden stands back and takes a deep breath.

    "What the fuck?"
    Aiden mouths as he then smells a horrendous stench

    He takes a whiff of the shirt he is wearing and immediately begins to gag.
    "Oh! Okay... oh god!"
    He panics as he rushes down the corridors to find the nearest locker room.

    OOC (open)
    Me and Trip thought this would be a fun idea to do. I certainly enjoyed doing it. I hope you all liked it as much as we enjoyed planning it haha.

    *Shakes fist at trip for throwing those worms at me* Curse you!

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