Introducing you're new tag team champions.....

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  1. *The theme hits and the spotlight searches through the crowd for the champs, They are spotted walking through the crowd with the titles on their shoulders, They jump the barricade and are handed mics by ring crew, They stand in the ring with the titles proudly*​
    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you you're new tag team champions!​
    Adam: Ladies and gentlemen I told you, I told you we would win, And look where we are, We stand here as champions because we proved you wrong, We proved the smarks wrong, We proved Brit and John wrong and we proved you're former champs wrong. Tonight is our night as we celebrate our title win which we worked for and was not handed by anyone, There is no one who can or ever will take these titles off us. This is where we belong, We belong on top as the champions, We are the chosen ones sent from above to become who we are right now, And it doesnt matter how much pain im in from my match last night I get to stand here as you're champion and you cant do a damn thing about it!​

  2. I could beat you twice. At the same time. Blinded, and with my two hands tied to my back.

  3. :nope:

  4. :stfu:
  5. Someday. I will teach you how champions roll in this company.

  6. :gtfo:
  7. Someday. The Tag Team championships are now cover as much shit as they could be covered and all because of you ¨Champs¨


  8. Aids Theme song hits suddenly, stopping the conversation between rodrigo and adam. Aids comes out with a mic in hand, to a crowd filling the arena with boos. There are mild pops inbetween, as "we dont need you" chants overshadow all possibilities of microphone time. Aids waits it out with his hands in the air, appearing to be taking the boos as cheers, and soaking in the moment. He walks down to the ring, and goes to both corner turnbuckles to more boos, before taking the microphone.

    Congratulations, another week, another day, another new champion crowned. Danielson doesnt have much to say to Aids now that he is holding the same amount of gold i am, and Victoria Parker, welcome back to mediocrity. Here we are Rhodes, the perfect position to take what we both know the new champs are offering us. Here is my offer, partner with me, and let's give this belt some prestige for the first time in this lengthy IWT history. What say you? Are you ready to team up with the Great one?
  9. *Adam interupts*

    No no no no NO! This is not happening, We do not accept!

    *Adam throws the mic down and he and Jacob leave through the crowd holding the titles high*
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    *In the crowd, mic in hand*

    Rodrigo, you can keep talking as much as you want on how will you defeat us, but first of all... When we were partners we didn't even compete. We would have those titles. Then you told me I was the weak link and I proved I'm not. Do you need a prove?

    *Raises his title*

    This is it. Come and get it from me if you have the nuts!
  11. OOC: Just play that off like it happened in the crowd after my post
  12. *Jacob stops for a moment, mic in hand*

    I should talk about you Aids... You can call yourself the Great One, but this time you're facing the best ones. You left! You cowardly left as Rodrigo did! Come on. You don't even deserve to be in this ring. You talk about bringing back prestige. That's crap. You're shit in this company, everything you touch is shit. Admit it. There are some better wrestlers than you. Starting by Vicky and ending by me!
  13. Pussy
  14. Both left. Both came back to fix something. It's time to show this guys some old skool skills.
    We arent partners. We are two guys, who will get those golds just because we are bored. It's time to bring some SWWAAAG to this division
  15. Pussy
  16. Run. Hide. You want to tell me who is and isnt deserving? I left here with the two highest belts on the list, and i came back only for one man, one match. Respect Gohan6425 is running and hiding, pretending he isnt coming back in hopes i forget about him, but i am here to cause chaos and destroy anything and everything in my path until i destroy the Jock. Dean Seabsrose is going to be my first big match, but i am great enough to be on the entire ppv card. You can deny my title run now, but to prove i'm ready, i challenge CrayJ Lee and Danielson next week in a #1 contenders to the tag team championship. I will be, the tag team champions. *drops mic.
  17. *Adam is at the exit of the crowd and speaks into JAcob's mic*

    THERES NO MATCH! No match for you!
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