Promos Introduction: Shinjiro Death Is About To Blow Your Mind

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    2016, Hollywood is the scene for this opening, with Shinjiro Death just waking up at the crack of 3PM, shuffling out of bed in his cool ass outfit he hadn't bothered to take off after a particularly hard night/morning, going into the kitchen to pour himself a glass of orange juice, stepping over the body of a beheaded employee of the local Chimichanga stand, the sorry bastard serving him a vegetarian style Méxican entreé, and therefore committing a grave sin and earning a swift yet painful death, on his way before getting himself situated and sitting at his desk, waking up with one of his favorite hobbies...some good ol' fashion web surfing. Turning on his PC and quickly going through his search history until he found the destination he was looking for...

    "Deadpool comics, Deadpool poster, Frantic Porn, ah here it is! WrestleZone."

    Shinjiro wanted to see some information on his favourite wrestler, Damien Sandow. Having been a big fan of his since he had first debuted, Shinjiro would always make sure to check if WWE had a push in li-


    The page was frantically refreshed by Shinjiro, about a local Indy company looking for new wrestlers. Surprisingly, Shinjiro knew nothing about this.


    "All this time there was this company who thought they were the greatest without the Merc with a Mouth!? I'm a smash hit, I'm the most handsome looking one of 'em all, I'm even front and center on the freakin' poster! This is bull@$*t! But thankfully Big Deady's got a plan to set the record straight. So blow THIS out your ass Tsar!

    He then went on to work on a new search "How to destroy the universe". Shinjiro searched for hours and hours before eventually being passing out again after being succumbing to boredom. It wasn't until an hour later is phone sprigged back to life with the notification of Tsar accepting onto the IWT roster.

    "Well this should be fun, IWT...look who's about to blow your fucking mind."
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