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    Crator: I finally decided to show up, after watching many people win and many people lose. But who won and lost doesn't matter because I'm gonna be winning now. No one can stop me and I mean no one can. I will go through you all like it's nothing, because to me, that's what most of you are to me. I could care less if you hold a belt or not. If you hold a belt, it's an extra bonus for me because I might even go after that belt you have. I know some people on the roster and just because I know them, doesn't mean I won't go through them as well. I'm not a biased competitor, meaning I won't target one person, actually that is a lie, I only go after people who think their the best.

    OOC - Really awkward promo but I can only get better.
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  2. OOC: You in the cure I guess?