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  1. *The music of Joey Bryant blasts throughout the arena as the crowd gives off a loud pop. The song goes for about 0:45 seconds yet he still doesn't walk out so the music cuts. The crowd begins booing when he appears on the titantron in a dark room, hunched over sitting on a bench. His IWT Title is now laying on the floor and he stares down at it. He begins to talk.*

    "The biggest event of the year feels like nothing but a joke to most of the masses. The biggest main event of the year is seen as a fluke, a match that never should happen to the masses. Lord Lee and D'Z already seem to be attracting more hype than myself or Aids, I think the masses are just sick and tired of the same things. I'm not growing old already though, I can name at least 5 dudes in the back that would not give two shits if I left this company right now, some might even think it'd be for the better. That I'm such an overrated idiot that they think I'm taking attention from guys like the man who beat me, Alias Antonio. I never got to say congrats to you, some guys took your victory as a huge step to becoming IWT Champion while others just looked at it as Joey Bryant isn't a true champion. My first match as IWT Champion and I'm buried by a man I once considered an equal. No, Antonio is on another level. It comes with the momentum of being ignored, I was on that trail for months which is why the people loved me. I feel bad that he's left holding the X-Division title when he easily could be holding this title or Dat Kid's but unfortunately for him, the Church is smarter than that. To let Antonio slither is way into our plans and take our holy grails is going to take a lot more work and also unfortunately for him, he's not getting his shot at me at IWT Mania. Instead, Bruce Knight gets it. Aids Johnson gets it."

    *Joey pauses and begins to slowly drift his hand over his belt.*

    "They look at Bruce Knight as an underdog, but an undeserving underdog and I agree. Gets lucky in the rumble match and next thing he knows h'es main eventing the biggest show of the year. I'm not fond of it either, but it'll be fun to slap around a little child. But I didn't set this camera up just to talk about Bruce Knight, if that was the plan half of you would be asleep by now. It's about Joey Bryant vs Aids Johnson, the 3rd time around. The way I'd like to see it go down is Aids and I taking out Knight, beating him down until he literally can't compete and then move on to each other. Move on until I get to the point where I can set him up, slam him on his back, and pin him and FINALLY show Aids I'm ready for the main event. To show everyone else I'm ready for the main event because I won this damn title in such controversial fashion. Aids is just a dog. A lost dog that goes wherever he's told to go and he's being placed into a ring with another dog who hasn't eaten for weeks and a dog who wants nothing but for someone to throw him a bone. Unlucky for me, no one is kind enough to throw me a bone. I'm just a fluke champion, right? I mean I haven't shown my face since losing to Antonio, I must be scared or embarrassed! Hardly. If I would have talked after Antonio beat me you would all be seeing a less stable Joey Bryant because I went back to this locker room and I lost it. But back to Aids, a man who beat me twice while I had all the momentum in the world. This time, I have no momentum. I'm slowly being hated and I lost to the X-Division champion so maybe the tides are turning. Or maybe it's time for Aids to sit back up on his throne that he gave up to myself."

    *He leans his head back against the wall and closes his eyes but continues to speak.*

    "Dat Kid and I are a lot alike. We're both guys who know we're good, I know he's good and he knows I'm good, but we're looked at as jokes. Overrated and cocky some may say. For myself, I can see why some may think that but for Dat Kid I'm clueless. He's proven himself plenty and some think his title is inferior to mine but gold is gold. The guys saying that are the same guys that are bitching on how I'm the IWT Champion. But I have been paying attention even though I haven't shown my face, I like what I see. Lots of activity and hype for this event except no one bats an eye at my match. That'll all change starting now. Aids is going to fall like I fell to Antonio. I will remain IWT Champion and I will hold this title for the ones who want to be like me. Be a martyr for the guys weeping on how they're just being "ignored" by the top guys, but in reality, we're watching. I'm always watching. I know who's hungry and I know who's truly being ignored and the only one really being ignored is your IWT Champion. My reign will not stop until the little dogs know they're messing with a big dog. An invisible champion, but a champion that is not afraid to admit when I'm wrong. I was wrong about one thing, I did not want to win this title at the Chamber. But what happens has happened and all I can look towards is the future and the future has my name written all over it. Joey Bryant is revived."

    *The camera cuts to static as the scene fades to black.*
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  2. In the middle of the promo Artist is shown using DK's credit card to buy a shovel and tombstone engraved to "Artist's Career"