Storyline Involvement

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  1. An interviewer is shown on the screen as they begin to speak.

    "Ladies and Gentleman, One man who is going to have his hands full at the royal rumble pay per view, is none other then Aiden Ryan who made his quick return to the ring. However this is not just a return, his return was more of a challenge towards two wrestlers who have also been challenged by another man. Michael who Aiden has ran into once has challenged Danny Jacobs to a match to which will have a stipulation, what that is? we do not know but here to comment on this is of course Aiden Ryan."

    Aiden Ryan is shown in frame with his hands in his pocket and a smile upon his face.

    "Aiden, In less then two weeks you will be in not only a handicap match, but debuting in your first ever royal rumble match. Some may say that you may have bitten off more then you can chew, Aiden. What do you have to say about that?"

    Aiden Shrugs slightly. "It's whatever. I made a commitment and i'm sticking to it." He nods as the interviewer nods as well.

    "Well onto the topic at hand, Michael challenged Danny Jacobs to a match and with everything that has risen with you and The Big Guys, what are your thoughts about this match?"

    He removes his hands out of his pockets and rubs his neck slightly, looking at the interviewer he lowers his hands and sighs.

    "My thoughts of this are simple, I'm intrigued. of course it would be predictable for me to say that i will be watching, but i will not be watching to see Danny Jacobs get hurt. I will be observing his craft, and seeing how well he does without his butt buddy. I will be checking out what his weakness is, what makes him tick, how i can get under that beef'd up skin of his and pop those muscles like a balloon. I want to see what i have gotten myself into and how i can wiggle my way out of it and note that I WILL get myself out of it, I will be leaving the Royal Rumble victorious, if not in the royal rumble match, but in the handicap match."

    "So knowingly as history has proclaimed you and Michael aren't exactly the best of friends, but if it were a case of a two on one assault by the Big Guys would you involve yourself in anyway?"

    "Well now that you've put the idea in their head, no. I will not involve myself in something that is not my problem. I give Michael props for standing up to at least one of those guys, but why would i involve myself in something that no one would involve themselves in for me, and i doubt that they're that stupid. They may look like some slow ass douchebags, but their brains function alright. Just look at our first confrontation where i got the upper hand, Then tell me they would try something as silly as that? Exactly."

    "Well Aiden, I certainly hope you make it out of the Royal Rumble event alive, and thank you for your time."

    The Camera Fades. ​
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