Ring of Honor IPPV is back

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    Baltimore, MD (March 27, 2014) – Ring of Honor Wrestling® (ROH) has come to terms with Ustream, Inc. to provide the May 10th ROH GLOBAL WARS and May 17th ROH WAR OF THE WORLDS events live online. Ustream is a leading service provider of live and on-demand international, sports and variety programming delivered via broadband.

    Rated the #1 LIVE online video streaming platform and winning the 2013 Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards for their live streaming service, Ustream has an unprecedented track record for reliable, high quality streaming content for almost a decade and has worked with New Japan Pro Wrestling for over two years in providing exceptional LIVE broadcasts.

    The two Internet pay-per-view cards, produced and distributed live online by Ring of Honor for $14.95 each, will feature Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s most decorated wrestlers.

    The date and times for these super shows are:

    • ROH GLOBAL WARS: Saturday, May 10th at 7:30 p.m. EST/4:30 p.m. PST
    • ROH WAR OF THE WORLDS: Saturday, May 17th at 7:30 p.m. EST/4:30 p.m. PST

    Both events can be purchased separately in advance or at the time of the event atwww.UStream.TV with all major credit cards via Paypal.

    Also, the super shows will both be available as a replay immediately after their conclusion of the events on ROH’s Ustream channel and at www.ROHWrestling.com.

    "Fans are always asking for live ROH Internet Pay-Per-Views and Ustream’s capabilities allow us to deliver," Chief Operating Officer Joe Koff said. "Through this technology and our production team, fans have an awesome opportunity to enjoy two of the biggest shows of the year live. Ustream is an industry leader in video streaming infrastructure with exceptional reliability for distribution of its live streaming events and we’re excited to collaborate with them on offering these events to our customers worldwide."

    For more information on experiencing Ring of Honor versus New Japan Pro-Wrestling LIVE, visit: www.ROHwrestling.com.

    Follow ROH on Twitter: @RingofHonor
    Like ROH at: Facebook.com/RingofHonor

    Check your local listings to see where you can watch Ring of Honor TV each and every week or subscribe and watch online at: www.ROHWrestling.com.

  2. In other news: In your face go fight live. Courtesy of ROH.

    Hopefully these two cards do well and this continues for ROH.
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  3. im out of the loop here

    what does IPPV being back mean? did ROH stop doing these?
  4. Internet Pay Per Views have returned. I guess they did get rid of them if they have returned. I will probably order it if I have the money.
  5. ROH dropped IPPVs back in 2013 since they had a lot of technical issues with their provider at the time (go fight live) and they were not ready to use it. Ustream is the king of streaming though and with New Japan helping out (who run very successful and very lucrative IPPVs) they will most likely get it right this time around.

    Fingers crossed at least.
  6. ROH done ippvs(online only) before but there was major problems with the streams with viewers not seeing large parts of the events they had spent money on. This stream provided by Ustream has a excellent track record and should work. My guess is ROH would start using Ustream on a full time basis if the streams deliver.
  7. Hope all goes well for them. Nothing more annoying than technical issues stopping company growth.
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  8. I'm interested to see how it plays out this time around, I know ROH WOTW is the night before my birthday so I might be getting wasted that night instead (Saturday) and stream that show if I remember during all the festivities haha.
    Amen! Only reason my business isn't independently owned anymore :emoji_slight_frown:
  9. As someone who's ordered at least a dozen New Japan's shows, I strongly recommend Ustream, very safe, simple and reliable. Great audio/video quality.