Iron Baba Is Raising Hell Again

Discussion in 'Fight Night Wrestling' started by Testify, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Come at me, punks. Rage is coming your way if you step in my way.
  2. Nobody stepped up? Pussys.
  3. Damn them pussies.
  4. What is this?
  5. Give it time, eventually i'll destroy the person who is holding me back, and when that happens, Aids is going to take you down Baba. Fear the beer.
  6. What happens if just simply walk around you instead of stepping in your way. I think that would be the best solution in this situation. Another problem solved with the knowledge of the tacos. :otunga:
  7. None of you are at my level.
  8. because you're level is so low. could i recommend a taco diet to improve you're wrestling abilities.
  9. You're a disrespectful disgrace. And this me talking brother, two hall of fame rings, you're a punk.
  10. Well you can add a third one soon because if you are ever in the ring with me, the taco savior, I will give you a beating that will be nothing short of hall of fame worthy.
  11. You just signed the death sentence for yourself. I'm gonna beat your ass, punk.