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  1. Taken 5 hours ago on some persons Twitter at an airport.

    Can't tell for definite if it's him, but Batista definitely has a mohawk and tattoo's on his shoulders.

    OMG, can't wait for RAW! :upset::upset:

  2. No thats definitely not him he was there for a triathlon duude.

    But it would be sick if the big storyline would be Johnny with Brock, Lord Tensai, AND Bautista!
  3. Just because he was there for a triathlon, what difference does that make? :gusta:
  4. I hope he is to be honest.
  5. Would be #SAF and I'd mark like a mother trucker catching a pucker thinking I'm such a lucker.

  6. But he was already at Miami why would he be at the airport today? Unless he is leaving.
  7. well he quit after cena beat him so im leaning towards thats him but not coming to raw
  8. Fair point.

    It's interesting that he normally tweets like every 5 minutes (exaggeration) but he hasn't tweeted for over 24 hours. :matt:
  9. I doubt he is going to return though, he said recently he'll only return if WWE goes back to its roots. IE, tv-14.
  10. Dave is washed up anyway
  11. :upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset:
  12. He is?

  13. Is that a pony tail?
  14. i just saw this posted on FB

    Batista is teasing some announcements on his Twitter:

    "Follow my manager @JohnnyRyanJr he's going to be making some announcements about me VERY soon. #staytuned any guesses?!?!"

    I would love to see him back in action!
  16. Awesome Randy Savage has graced this thread like only he can
  17. That's probably about his flop MMA career :emoji_slight_frown:
  18. I think that was about him filming the new Riddick movie with Vin Diesel.
  19. He's still trying to be a movie star. Damm.
  20. Funny last time I had he wanted to be a MMA Fighter?