Is CM Punk finished with Heyman?

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  1. Well Punk got his revenge on Paul Heyman but does he want more?
    Is he finished with him, will Punk start a new rivalry or a title shot or totally finish Heyman?
  2. Punk vs Randy Orton
    Book it.
  3. I don't see any reason as to why CM Punk needs to chase Heyman any longer. He got his revenge, now it's his time to move on. I just hope they don't have Heyman try to drag this feud out, and attack CM Punk tonight, which is what I can see happening sadly. They still have Brock for Punk to fight, so it wouldn't shock me if they brought back Brock to job to Punk to end the feud then. I just hope though, that this is the end and CM Punk can move on to the corporate storyline with Daniel Bryan. It would make sense too, since I do remember on CM Punk's summer promo, he said Stephanie and Vince's "doofus" son in law Triple H would run the company in a couple of years at the time, and look at that they are now.
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  4. I can't see why it would continue now. Thank god it's over.
  5. You mean Punk/Ryback 3 and Daniel Bryan/Orton again. I mean what else can they say to screw Daniel Bryan over?
  6. CM Punk should of done alot more than the GTS on the cell roof he should of thrown Paul off the roof
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  7. Was thinking the same. It is probably going to be Punk being attacked by Lesnar or a heyman guy. Cm punk could chase world title or wwe title. Maybe cena vs punk at survivor series or Bryan vs Orton vs punk.

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