Storyline Is Da Beacon trying to start a war?

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  1. NOTE: I noticed this is the rumble play, Mike is not "Da Beacon", "Da Beacon" is Dexx's nickname
    Announcer 1: Well last night was full of suprises
    Announcer 2: Indeed, now last night on well, "The Panda's side" things were a little too crazy, in the rumble entry number 5 was Boston he was quickly eliminated by Colton, and then 4 entries later at 9 out came Duggan with Leo, but, before Duggan got in the ring, you hear Leo chanting him then Duggan kicks Leo in the head.
    Announcer 1: Yeah, what was that about?
    Announcer 2: Duggan would get eliminated by Trip later in the match but the question is why did Duggan assault Wang?

    *Backstage in the hallway, Leo is running around Frantic and Boston is trying to calm him down*
    Leo: WHERE IS HE?
    Mike: Master Wang, patience i'm sure he'll show up soon.
    Leo: I want to see his face NOW! He has shame for attacking his master, I granted him the seat on the council and he does this?
    Mike: There has to be a logical explanation for why Beacon Duggan did what he did, you know he can out rule in a few slices of pizza.
    Leo: Fine, we'll wait, but i'm getting my limbo stick!
    Mike: Gasp! No! No Limbo, this is gonna be peacfully!
    Leo: Awww.... fine, peacefully then...
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