Is Dolph losing momentum?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Baraa, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Everyone likes what Dolph does in the ring, he is one of the most talented in the WWE today, but I just don't like the way they are booking him, especially since the start of the year.

    Instead of building him as a credible future champion, WWE is booking him to lose most of the matches he competes in, how are people supposed to take him seriously after he win the title?

    I think Dolph is losing momentum every second that goes without him cashing in, he needs to cash in the briefcase ASAP.

  2. Disagree about him needing to cash the case in, he needs to prove he can win the big matches before he gets the title.
  3. He needs a big win before cashing in .
    He also needs to break up with big E and AJ .
    He has the same radio than someone like Slather is such as a shame .
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  4. Exactly, and that's the problem, he needs to win big matches before he cash in order for people to take him seriously as a champion, but WWE isn't booking him to win almost at all, he jobs so many times and as time passes, he is losing the momentum he once had last year.
    So as long as they don't book him to win matches, I just don't see how is it good for him to keep the briefcase any longer.
  5. What momentum? He's just a regular person on the roster who does jobs now. But most guys can easily come back from a huge string of losses, just book him to start winning a bunch of matches (maybe going off the momentum of actually winning a match for the first time in a long time, against Bryan last Monday) and follow it up with cashing in to win the big one and people will see him as a guy with tons of cred again.
  6. I agree with "what momentum" ?
  7. Completely agree, but hey. If anyone's over enough to overcome such odds, it's Dolph. Like last summer when everyone was begging for him to cash in every time he was booked like Sheamus's bitch who, logically, couldn't hold the belt for a day without getting Brogue Kicked back to midcard, but fans didn't care. Fans couldn't stay in their seats when Ziggler teased a cash-in... maybe in this case this can make up for his lack of momentum and his non-stop jobbing.

    Plus Ziggler just won a match on Raw
  8. Yeah, he did lose a lot. But I think he'll start winning now.
  9. Momentum not a huge issue as he usually still looks strongish in his matches. Just AJ an Big E that he needs rid of for me.
  10. AJ and Big Erection should break away. I think the three of them has a bright future ahead of them, they should go on their own.