Is Finn Balor Overrated?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Roadster, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Personally, i think so.

    I mean guys are acting like he's the greatest thing to hit the industry for a while, when he was doing far more exciting stuff back in the UK and Japan. It's almost like all the fans that knew him erased his past and think this is the most unique thing WWE has put out, ever. It just erks me.

    What do you think?
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  2. Bálor is love, Bálor is life.
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  3. I thought that too, but the reaction to him is getting old. So is Balor.
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  4. Didn't start watching NJPW until after he left, so I never really had a clear opinion on his pre-WWE work. His WWE work though, has been very uninteresting so far. I pretty much have quit watching NXT since he picked up the title. I'll skim through the shows, and watch what looks interesting to me. And since Tyler and Solomon aren't doing much it's pretty minimal right now.
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  5. Honestly, I haven't been a fan of this guy at all in NXT, he's just a dude with a cool entrance

    Think that's more about NXT, though. There's storyline arcs that get people over. Sami Zayn is great, but his ringwork alone couldn't get him over to the level that he did without being helped by his year-long title chase and being the ultimate nice guy. There's the whole Bayley angle from last week and everything most of the women did to rise to the top like they did. There's guys like Bull Dempsey who can devastate jobbers, but develop an inferiority complex after they run into a brick wall of "real competition". There's Kevin Owens, who has an understandable character with many, many layers.

    Finn Balor's just a dude who has paint and traveled the world and has a belt
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  6. Finn Balor, yes. Fergal Devitt not at all.
    I'm a huge fan girl of the guy and have been for a while, but his run with NXT hasn't been that great.
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  7. He has a cool entrance, a cool look, and is supposed to be excellent in the ring, but I've yet to see any of his matches at full length. The most I know about him is of that Original Special on the Network about him that I watched yesterday.
  8. :nope:

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  9. I don't think so. I think he's a great babyface, does have a cool entrance, I think the "nice guy that turns into a demon" thing is an interesting character, he connects well with the crowd (granted, we've only seen it with the smark NXT crowd), has charisma... I like him.
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  10. That's the point though, the smark crowd is making him sound better than he actually is. Wasn't it his match where the crowd was chanting "We're not worthy"?
  11. I'm not aware of that happening during any of Finn's matches, but people chanting "We're not worthy"? :lol1:
    First time hearing something like that.

    Also, them chanting that is better than them chanting WE ARE AWESOME.
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  12. I guess, but that doesn't change the fact that the crowd is treating him like a god, lol.
  13. So, it'd tickle your fancy if they started shitting on him instead? lol
  14. IDK about overrated. The only thing I like about him is his demon entrance, but that's about it. In the ring, idgaf about him.
  15. No, how about being realistic. They need to stop sucking the guys dick, and calm down. No need for the 'BALOR IZ MAKNG RASSTLING KEWL AGAINZ!' treatment.
  16. In other words, the CM Punk 2011 treatment.
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  17. I don't know about all of that, but he is one of the most compelling performers in the WWE Empire today.

    And, yes, I know I capitalized empire above.

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  18. And, D-Lo is the most paralyzing. :fact:
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  19. That's awful.

    Awful funny.

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    LOL, what are you talking about?
    And how'd you get that "Bálor is being treated like a God" and 'BALOR IZ MAKNG RASSTLING KEWL AGAINZ!' vibe?

    Maybe you're just pissed 'cause he's so over. You know who else is REALLY over? Sami fucking Zayn.
    People LOVE that dude, myself included.
    I totally love Bálor, but it's not like I've ever said there was no great wrestling before he arrived to NXT.

    Full Sail is a smarky crowd, of course they are gonna praise him. The Brooklyn crowd marked out for Finn, too.

    You obviously don't like the guy and that's why you think people be like "Ohh, Bálor is bigger than all of wrestling! Fuck you if you disagree."
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