Is it just me....

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  1. Who doesn't like dancing?
  2. lolwut
  3. 'Wrestling' then....
  4. You like it, you watch it then complain to me in Skype saying you hate it. Go watch Liverpool.
  5. If I complain I hate it, how do I like it? Good one.
    Watch Liverpool? Please, I don't care that much. I get you to watch then tell me the scores.

  6. If you complain why watch it every week?

  7. Haven't seen it in like 1-2 years? Come @ me
  8. Insinuating wrestling is gay but then you want me to cum at you.
  9. I know you never finished school and got kicked out multiple times but let me assure you.

    Come and cum and completely different. Much like there their and they're. Please learn them.
  10. Posh bastard.
  12. Caught me out from what?
    And xanth, I'm just a better class of person. Fact.
  13. Well, I know that your mother is.
  14. Firstly, she doesn't do Scottish
    Secondly, she doesn't do fatties
    Thirdly, she doesn't do gingers
    Fourthly, she doesn't do people who can't even say a simple word like refresh...

  15. 1. You mean Scottish people. NICE GRAMMAR BRO.
    2. I'm not that plump.
    3. My hair is brown.
    4. :emoji_slight_frown:

  16. Lmao made me cry. I read this in your posh ass voice, made me feel better.
  17. I only like it when I drink myself closer to death.
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  18. Sorry xanth. Didn't mean to upset you. Please don't hurt yourself again. Don't burn yourself. Or give yourself nosebleeds.

    We all love you. I don't care if you're fat and ginger. I still love you!!!
  19. :laugh::laugh:

    Oh wait you don't know do you, his toe nail on one of his toes came straight off. I can now imagine you're giggling your head off. His brother opened the door fast or something in the bathroom and it took the nail right off lmao. He was like "CRAYO, HOW DO I STOP THE BLOOD"

    Rofl'ed whilst typing.
  20. LMAOLMAOLMAO. I'm at work casually reading this until I burst out laughing. Sky you mess.