Storyline is it the end of the chav era?

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  1. *gav appears on the titantron and he begins to speak*

    (Gav the chav) so this is it peeps this could be either the worst night of gavs life or the greatest night of gav life because later I will go One on One with b.dazzle and as you may already know my IWT contract is on the line along with b.dazzles mitb contract this could be the last time you ever here from me so I thought id come out here and talk to you all before my match later tonight

    *the crowd begin to chant for gav*

    We've all been on one epic journey together when gav came to IWT last year he was just a scummy little chav who rolled in off the streets of England nobody expected much from me and be honest neither did gav deep down I thought there was no way I could compete with some of the guys backstage but then for some reason you guys seemed to love me id come out here and call every single one of them backstage a cheeky **** and you guys loved it you all embraced the chav you know what its bern ine hell of a ride in this last year I've sang for you all ive discovered the cure for the cure, ive discovered who my dad is, I've rapped with one of iwts greats, I went toe to toe with god himself and I've even held the tag titles with my former friend b.dazzle for a while not bad eh? Now it could all come to a sudden end tonight you what gav says that?

    *gav pauses for a moment before continuing*

    Is it fuck the end of me you know what right dazzle thought he was fucking clever putting that small print in the contract gav signed last week but you know what right It doesn't even matter because either way im gunna smash his little face in then take his IWT mitb contract from him then I'm gunna rub it right in his little face don't mistake my confidence for cockiness I know exactly what I'm up against b.dazzle ain't no mug he's a top level wrestler but tonight he will walk out as the looser and I guarantee you all I will walk as the winner so dont go thinking this is farewell because gav ain't going anywhere so take this as until we meet again because you never know gav could be walking out as a double champion if things go his way

    *Gav drops the mic and the titantron fades*
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