Is it worth getting back into the weekly shows?

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  1. Is it really worth getting back into the WWE weekly shows? I know Raw is 3 hours, Smackdown is 2 and NXT is 1 or 2 (Not sure) then there's Main Event which is another hour...I'm just wondering if it really is worth watching any of the weekly shows? I don't really have to much interest in WWE at the moment but considering the Road To Wrestlemania is going to begin soon that I should get back into it so I have a better Wrestlemania than I would if I didn't watch it.

    So guys could you please tell me if it's worth starting to watch again? Or are the ppvs the only thing worth watching?

    Also what are the current storylines? I know Orton is the Unified Champ and they're trying to set up some "Company" vs Bryan or Orton bullshit but besides that nothing else.
  2. Well at the minute I'd say that it's probably worth picking it up again, even if it's just RAW. I don't watch every WWE broadcast but I always watch RAW to make sure I know what's going on. Daniel Bryan is in some random rivalry with the Wyatt's and Punk seems to be in a rivalry with The Shield, and that's about it for story really!
  3. For the weekly shows, NXT is certainly one to keep your eye on.
    Current storylines are in the spoiler tag but there's no spoilers for upcoming episodes in there:

    Show Spoiler

    -NXT Champ Bo Dallas has been feuding on and off with Sami Zayn, and they haven't had a proper blow-off match. That's a side-feud.
    -Aiden English was backstage humming a little song, and the Real Guys (Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady) got in his face about it.
    -Adrian Neville just got a shot at Bo Dallas' NXT Title in a Lumberjack match, and he got screwed out of the title by Tyler Breeze. That'll probably be a feud now.
    -Antonio Cesaro has been trying to recruit Leo Kruger into the Real Americans, and wants Kruger to take out Sami to join the group. Meanwhile, he attacked Tyson Kidd to injure him earlier this year (kayfabe) and it's become a tag team feud. Pretty sure this whole thing was blown off.
    -Also, Cesaro feuded with Regal after Cesaro threw the Gadsden Flag in the ring and Byron Saxton kicked it out, Cesaro attacked Byron and Regal made the save for his good friend on commentary. This was blown off this week in a must-see match.
    -General manager JBL rarely appears, and when he does he treats the entire position like a (funny) joke. He's great.
    -Alexander Rusev challenged Kofi Kingston to a match this week.
    -Hunico and Camacho are feuding with the Ascension because there's no other tag teams.
    -Don't laugh at the NXT Divas Division, it's one of the best wrestling products right now. Womens' champion Paige hates everybody right now. She hates face Emma for accidentally attacking her while also being embroiled in a feud with the Beautiful Fierce Females (Summer Rae, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair)
    -Speaking of Charlotte, she joined the group by betraying her best friend Bayley, so she's out for revenge as well.
    -Emma and Natalya will have a #1 Contender's Match soon, that despite Emma being a comedy character should be a lot of fun.

    Until proven otherwise, I'd stay away from the main shows.... well, depending on what you're into. If you just want to kill a few hours and see a bunch of good matches, they're fine for that. Otherwise just ignore the whole lot of 'em, except for the Rumble since it's always must-see.
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  4. Sami and Krueger are having a 2 out of 3 falls match next week
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  5. NXT for sure. Raw you can probably wait at least one more week. Next week is the dancing Big Show baby bullshit ep.

    I'm hoping Raw picks up as we near first the Rumble and then Mania. SD there is absolutely no point in watching.
  6. That's funny because today's SmackDown was much better than Monday's RAW. There was Cena/Rollins, Henry/Reigns, Big E/Ambrose, Bryan/Sandow, Rhodes/Cesaro, and Ziggler jobbing as per usual. Well worth a watch.
  7. Bryan and Sandow, Cesaro and Rhodes and possible Cena and Rollins are the only interesting matches there IMO and I doubt the last greatly.
  8. Cena and Rollins was really good. They got 20+ minutes and Rollins looked like a star.
  9. It was a good show. Reigns going over Henry clean and in the way he did was cool too.
  10. Meh I'll catch it then on paper it sounded doubtful though.
  11. Henry can't work IMO so I always doubt his match quality, just my 2 cents though.
  12. Do it. I'm obviously a biased Rollins mark but both men brought their work boots and the end result was real good. They have some good chemistry.
  13. Yeah, it was a very short match as you'd expect with Henry, but Reigns hit the superman punch and then the spear without prior interference from Rollins or Ambrose which I didn't expect. Also, they began the build to the unification match.
  14. You guys have hyped this week up pretty well, I'll watch it if it's not as good as hyped bannings will be happening mainly to Stopspot twice.
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  15. Finger banning?
  16. the only thing to do is wait for the week before the Royal Rumble, watching both Raw and Smackdown. They will have recaps fucking galore, so don't even bother with the dogshit until then.
  17. meh, people point to SD match quality when saying its worth watching but that doesn't mean much to me. Superstars has good matches, doesn't mean I'll watch them. The lack of any storyline progression ever taking place on SD is enough to prevent me from giving half of a fuck about it.
  18. Fair play and good job on not biting.
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  19. I guess I'll just wait till the Raw before Royal Rumble then pick it up from there.
  20. lol how are you going to tell someone an opinion on the product you never watch?