Storyline Is Lord Lee truly prepared for IWTMania II?

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  1. *Lord Lee is lying in his bed at 2AM, struggling to fall asleep. He checks his smart phone on the counter next to him and checks the IWT Mania matchcard... It shows 'EU championship: "Lord Lee (C) vs Dolph's".' Lord Lee sees it and shakes his head, he jumps out of his bed, still in his natural selection themed pajamas and goes to his living room to watch TV, only to see the ending of Uprising's no.1 contender match where D'Z pins Nick for the victory, Lord Lee shakes his head again and turns off the TV. He hurriedly travels to the bathroom, there he splashes his face with water 3 times, it cools him down but the prospect of facing such a highly regarded opponent still haunts him. He defiantly get his camera out and puts it on his coffee table in front of him and starts recording.*

    Lord Lee: Hello Dolph's......I forgot to congratulate you on your win publicly, I apologise, really poor form by yours truly I guess. I will make it up to you though, because at IWT Mania II, you are facing a rising star in this business, a man that has attracted great attention through positive and negative events, we will have the best match on that A-List card, and you will appreciate the experience. Don't get to excited though, because what you, I, or any of the other wrestlers in the locker room say......I AM THE MAN WHO WILL SHINE THE BRIGHTEST BETWEEN ME AND YOU! Even if I lose through a silly fluke, I got a rematch clause and I won't make the same...sloppy mistake twice. You may think lowering your expectations from being IWT champ when you first came here....To the upper-midcard title after the Elimination Chamber....will help prevent heartache, but you're wrong. You will still lose at IWT Mania II, and it will be all the more humbling for you to comprehend. Reply if you want hotshot, would love to hear your words of wisdom right about now. With Love......Lord Lee!

    *Lord Lee sarcastically winks at the camera and stops the recording.*

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  2. The camera zooms in on his ICW Title, and it zooms back to Lee.

    When it zooms in on his crotch, who's controlling the camera!?!?!?