Money in the Bank Is Money in the Bank going to flop?

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  1. What I mean is, will it be another poorly done PPV? I haven't seen a good one done in a long time, and trust me, I have tried to watch them. There have been good to great moments but overall, they don't make me want to watch. I don't think I watched a PPV in its entirety since Wrestlemania and I even skipped a few of those matches. Maybe it is just me, but if seems like the PPVs used to be a lot bigger and more big of a deal 5 years ago than they are now.

    You think Money in the Bank will be a bust?
    What is going to make you tune in and watch?
  2. It won't flop, but it won't top. What I'm trying to say is that the card is great and we're sure to see some great moments but hardly anything will be remembered as an all time classic or remembered for more than a few weeks or so. It has a great card and some dream matches, but It lacks an intriguing overarching story and a build up of drama which hasn't been seen in WWE in a long time. You would think Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns would be a classic match, but it's been really bland. Nothing but a promo battle, and a stupid tease from Rollins. Theres no drama which is what has made this whole "New Era" a bust, in my opinion.

    CM Punk vs. John Cena, which is arguably the best storyline of the last decade only had a few weeks to build before their first encounter at Money in the Bank 2011. And it drew like crazy, made wrestling popular again for a brief period and had the hottest crowd in modern WWE history, that respected and enjoyed and reacted to the match. It had drama, it had a great story, it had memorable moments, it had risks and consequences and it had an unpredictability factor. All of which Money in the Bank and WWE PPVs lack, in general.

    I personally don't care if the in-ring action is better than ever because wrestling isn't 99% wrestling and 1% drama/story. It should be 50/50 or 70/30 on either side of the spectrum. But it should have something, and I'm not sure why WWE can't effectively use it's 5 hour prime time television programs to build and hype PPV matches, but they can't. It's a real shame because this great Money in the Bank card is gonna go to waste. I already sense the outcomes except for the Money in the Bank. Cena's feuds are all best out of 3, and Reigns isn't losing at a B PPV which has all the tools to become an A PPV and had the chance to after the 2011 edition.

    tl;dr - shit booking but good card
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  3. Every now and then you get something right :emoji_wink:
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  4. Haven't been a good one? No offense, but what shows have you been watching? If we grade on a 1-10 scale WWE is on a 8 show run of shows that end up between 5 and 10 quality wise. That's a hell of a run.

    There are less barn burner shows, but the lowest allowed average in quality has stepped up a fair bit
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  5. The show's got a good card, the only thing that's likely to suck is the US title match.

    Other than that, we're in for good to very good matches.
  6. What was the PPV where Owens was the centerpiece for the first hour and a half? Same one Enzo got injured at iirc. I remember it being really good, except for the long McMahon segment.

    To counter Tsar's way of thinking, most of the match ups are a prelude for the big SS matches. Rollins vs Roman won't end clean, neither will AJ vs Cena. Not saying they'll both end in disqualification, but end in a way to prompt another match.

    Rusev vs Titus is a B feud, someone else will be waiting for Rusev post MITB/Battleground. Same for the IC title.(brand split will play a big part in them)

    New Day vs Club is probably only to Battleground as well, and then we'll get them vs Enzo & Cass. UNLESS Club wins, and then wins the rematch. Would make more sense to have Club vs Enzo & Cass, have it face v heel. But I wouldn't see Club losing so early, if that were the case.

    And we all know what's going to happen with the Women's title come SummerSlam, so it's pretty much in a floating feud as well.

    Going to enjoy it for what it as. Although, I do think MITB should've been used to cap off feuds, and Battleground be the SummerSlam prelude. I don't want to see a match for the third time come SummerSlam, looking at you AJ vs Cena.
  7. Now more than ever what we need... is a little faith. :true:
  8. AJ/Cena has a huge amount of potential. Given recent history, I figure AJ goes over and likely clean. That's all the hype they need to do a rematch at SummerSlam, where Cena will go over unless we get something hinky (Cena can't lose clean two PPV's in a row...and, really, he shouldn't).

    The MITB match is a draw in itself (which is why it's away from Mania, which is itself a draw in itself...just ask Vince) and, with the personalities and styles involved, will be a hellacious car wreck of an entertaining match.

    Roman/Seth is missing something and I honestly think it's the drama of the uncertainty in the finish (unless WWE is willing to take the title off of Reigns for a month just to have Rollins put Reigns over at SummerSlam).

    The tag team four-way should be fun to watch and is really the match with the least predictability outside of the MITB match itself.

    The U.S. Title match is unpredictable, but, frankly, it's more of a "don't care" than a "don't know". The U.S. Title means very little...hopefully, it'll mean more once it's the sol secondary title on either Raw or Smackdown.

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  9. If you are talking just wrestling, sure there have been good matches, but the story-lines have been awful in my book. A few were good and they ruined them. I didn't just watch WWE for the matches, I watched for the story-lines. If I watched purely for in ring action and actual matches, I would probably rate them higher, but I don't. It is the story-lines that get me interested in wanting to see the matches, not the other way around.
    Also starting with "no offense" tends to mean you are being offensive... just like saying "not to be racist but..." :pity:
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  10. Every ppv has 5 in 7 chance of flopping... that's just my statistics from previous events, 2 in 7 of being ok because of probably a good ending or just one thing and a 1 in 7 of being great
  11. :sad:

    I want to side with Snake for this alone. After the damned Shield breakup, this should be massive... As is? Not so much.
    However... It's been a while, sooooo...

    Lucha Underground, Wednesday nights at 9 PM. :otunga:
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  12. One simple word answer? Yes.

    WWE has been shit all year and then some, I'll read the reviews before deciding, but the only thing i'm going to tune into for WWE is when they go to Buffalo so I can see @DK James ' FRANK LOVES COCK sign (or whatever he does) because I think this might be decent tbh. I'm going to stay optimistic about it for a solid 3 weeks and decide if I ever want to watch again.

    WWE has made it embarassing to tell friends I watch(ed) it, and that will be my secret return to watching (outside of here) or the end.
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  13. I've actually enjoyed WWE more than I have in a while recently and MITB is my favorite PPV so i'll say no for me. i'll enjoy it regardless.
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  14. AJ Styles Vs. John Cena is happening and unless Cena wins clean, it'll be a good show.
  15. Cena's gonna win clean.
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  16. Makes me lol when people are worried about that.
  17. MITB will be a good PPV. There's enough high caliber matches that at least one match should stick out.

    We have MITB, Roman and Seth, and cena and styles. MITB will be good as it has enough talent to create good moments. In addition, I'm not 100% sure who will win this. At first I thought it would be dean, but now I don't think so.

    Roman and Seth will be good but I can see Seth losing after trying to cheat or something. Then, they'll really built their feud around SS.

    I have a feeling that cena and styles will steal the show. They're really urging to keep cena in the main event scene, whether he has a title or not. So, the perfect way to do this is to have him battle styles in quite a few matches, most likely concluding it at SS. I hope styles wins.
  18. Worst case scenarios:
    -Styles gets help to win because nobody beats Cena clean
    -Rusev squashes O Neil
    -Del Rio wins Money In the Bank because he is the "safest move" (seriously anyone else who wins this match other than him is just great)
    -Ziggler and Corbin keep feuding
    -Sheamus beats Apollo because "creative has nothing for you"
    -Roman wins clean and that's that

    Something tells me about half of these will happen :emoji_confused:
  19. I think it'll be the same story we had with KO and Cena last year. Styles wins clean and then Cena wins the next match.

    What's wrong with RuRu squashing Titus? That's the best case scenario in my book, keep the match as short as possible.
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