Is The Knockouts Champion The Underdog?

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    To hear many talk in Impact Wrestling you would think Gail Kim is unbeatable and the uncrowned Knockouts Champion at all times. It is often times a foregone conclusion that Gail Kim is going to win her matches and will be in the TNA Hall of Fame the second Gail decides to hang up her boots. To tell this to the current TNA Knockouts Champion Brooke is another story.

    These very comments were read to Brooke recently and the champ just rolled her eyes and walked away. Brooke is a three time Knockouts Champion and has been putting up outstanding matches as of late. Keep in mind, it was Gail that assisted Brooke in winning the title and now Brooke can prove her reign isn’t a fluke. Gail has all the skills, but who is to say Brooke doesn’t either?

    This match will go a long way in determining the future of The Knockouts Division.


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