Is there somewhere to run a comeptition?

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  1. Hi there. I might be a newbie to this forum but I have infact got many 1000's of posts on numerous forums similar to this in other interest areas all over the internet.

    I am looking to run a few competitions, nothing overally interested just a few 'What is the best this', 'Who was the best that' kind of competition - obviously within wrestling. Didnt want to clog up any pages with in-correct content and thus, fancied mentioning it here.

    Any help would be great.
  2. There are no official places for competitions. Just make a thread in the locker room forum.

    Also welcome to the forum.
  3. Thanks for the reply and warm-hearted welcome! Looking forward to being hear.
  4. No problem! Enjoy your stay :obama:
  5. No, try not to make them in the Locker Room mate. If it's a wrestling thread not about WWE then put it in "TNA & Other Wrestling", if it's a WWE related thread then "General WWE" is your best bet. The Locker Room is a completely off-topic section which consists mainly of low quality threads and replies, lol.
  6. Lol yeah, if you go in there MikeDawt's new threads will keep you there forever! :lol1:
  7. :true:

    Anyway, what Crayo said. This should be closed so whoever has the ability to close it, get off yo ass and do it. By the way, welcome to the forum!